Why Doesn’t Yahoo! Go Run On The BlackBerry 8130?

So, I’ve been trying to check out this Yahoo! Go 2.0 on my new BlackBerry Pearl 8130 from Verizon, however, when I try to download it, it says that it is not compatible with my device.

I said to myself, “That can’t be right. Why in the world would Yahoo! software for that BlackBerry and not support one of the newest devices out?”

Well I did some digging and came across a BlackBerry compatibility list for Yahoo! Go containing 28 devices that the software will run on and, low and behold, the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is indeed not on that list.

The question has to be asked… Why in the world would Yahoo put out software that doesn’t run on the BlackBerry 8130. Say what you want about Verizon and SureType. The 8130 was one of the most eagerly anticipated BlackBerry devices ever.


  1. says

    Yahoo Go 2.0 just got released for the 8320 like 2 weeks ago.

    Give it some time i am sure in a week or so it should be released. Don’t quote me though.

    I on the other hand can’t stand the application. It is a waste of memory and is actually really really boring.

  2. Matt says

    yes it is OS 4.3 but so is sprints version (right?) So my question is it a Verizon thing blocking it so that you have to text message? It has been out for about a month now and AIM is still not out. When you go download it, it is for the sprint 8130 but not Verizon. Could it be the same software patch that Verizon uses to block GPS in their 8130 that is blocking AIM or just inadvertently making it incompatible at least.

  3. says

    AIM, Windows Messenger, and ICQ, I believe, only work on Sprint. The other carrier branded BlackBerry devices don’t have the proper service books.

    I’ve heard rumors that their are work-arounds, however, don’t quote me on that.

  4. Lance says

    I had the same problem when I got the Curve 8320. I kept checking for it and finally I was able to download it about a week ago. I do believe It’s the Operating system.

  5. hellno says

    I smell a rat and this rats name is verizon. No Yahoo for you!, because we’re verizon and we said so, sorry vealots. Perhaps Yahoo is crippled like the autonomous GPS is crippled in verizon’s 8130’s. Sounds like this whole verizon open network is just another one of verizon’s “look at me mommy” tall tales. Another desperate move to get attention.

    Brought on by Apple.

    iPhone. The ultimate holiday gift.

  6. hellno says


    Please….. “The 8130 was one of the most eagerly anticipated BlackBerry devices ever.” NOT!

    Only perhaps for the dwindling number of folks who still haven’t upgraded to GSM, those who still use closed, non-standard, proprietary, cdma. The rest of the world could care less and most are still wondering why RIM would waste the time and money in making a device for anything but standard, open, global, GSM. Especially when one of the service providers is known for “fixing” and crippling features and functions on their customers devices, and then lies about doing so.

    Missing Yahoo! Go is no loss, just another reason to use Google.

  7. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellno

    You bore me. Did you get that handle ‘hellno’ because it stuck with you after hearing it so often in your life?

    Yeah, Verizon probably locked it out. I use Yahoo messenger on it however and it works fine. Same goes for gmail.

    And yes, it’s one of the most anticipated phones from BB. I’d say Robb is correct in staying that. Just because you have your head up your ass doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

  8. says

    Come on hellno,

    In the U.S. there are more CDMA toting BlackBerry users on Verizon, Sprint, and Alltell, than there are GSM BlackBerry users. Is the trend changing. Yes… probably for many of the reasons that you hate CDMA. At the end of the day, however, there are millions of folks using CDMA devices that will continue to do so until their carrier changes to WiMax or LTE, or whatever.

    Is Verizon locking out it’s Pearl users just to be a pain in the arse? No, yahoo is just slow and hasn’t updated their software to take advantage of the latest BB OS.

  9. hellno says


    As you know, RIM sells many many less cdma devices than they sell GSM devices. 2.5 billion plus worldwide GSM subscribers supports the above statements. The return on RIM making GSM devices is MUCH larger than the return on RIM making cdma devices. RIM even proves that with what devices are brought to market. Sure the 8130 was pined after, but cdma was lacking a decent smartphone to say nothing about cdma lacking many devices. There are good reasons why device manufactures avoid cdma providers and technology.

    Oh and bluehorseshoe -NEWS FLASH- no one posts here for you, no one cares what you think of others opinions, and don’t so much care for your opinions / grandstanding either since you chose to take everything to a personal level. You’ve proven the worthlessness time and time again. Nothing but sad vealot who is so desperate to defend a stupid choice of downgrading to verizon’s cdma from T-Mo. even while verizon is upgrading to standard, open, global GSM with LTE technology.

    Talk about a “head up your ass”…. Grow Up.

  10. says

    You get no argument at all from me about how many more GSM mobile devices in general are sold in the world than CDMA devices. When, however, we talk specifically about BlackBerry devices, the argument changes dramatically.

    RIM may sell a few more GSM BlackBerrys than CDMA BlackBerrys but the spread is not as nearly pronounced as you think. In the United States, CDMA is not nearly the underdog that it is everywhere else.

  11. says

    wow… didn’t expect this to be a pissing match between cdma and gsm…

    cdma is crap though, the constant ping or pooling for network kills takes away an extra 2 hours of battery life. The reason verizon killed the gps on the 8830 is because if the did not, you would have two hours of talk time.

    CDMA is crap… verizon knows it and they are going gsm with 4G.

    Ohh and verizon is crap to for locking up everything and forcing customers to pay for free things that come with their phones.

  12. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellno

    ‘Vealot’, ‘pined’, etc. Love your choice of words. Just tells me that you’re most likely into Gothic, listen to Manson, and your mother has you locked up in the basement.

    As for GSM vs. Verizon in the states, I’ll take Verizon. Not interested in dropped calls and slow ass EDGE data speeds. And since Verizon is going LTE in the future, then why do you continue to bang your head against the wall?

  13. hellno says

    Your so wrong as usual bluehorseshoe on EVERYTHING. Less grandstanding and worry less about others.

    bluehorseshoe: “Yeah, Verizon probably locked it out.” Please tell us all, Since when is it the least bit OK for a service providing company to cripple and remove features and functions from consumers property?

    It’s gotten so ridiculous that people like yourself give verizon money every month to provide a service, yet allow them knowingly or unknowingly to make things more difficult, expensive, or even impossible for the consumer. For that and for qualcomm’s greed and arrogance cdma is in rapid decline, with the US slowly upgrading to standard, open, global GSM technologies as vealot sheep awaking and open their eye’s. Proof starts with verizon being forced to upgrade to LTE a GSM technology.

  14. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellyeah!

    If Verizon locks something down, and you don’t like it, then don’t buy it. Seems many out there don’t mind. I personally use their service for the 3G network they provide with decent enough speeds for road use. Also, they were forced to go to LTE? And they remove the features from “comsumers property”? It’s not their property until they purchase it. And you have 30 days to return it of you don’t like it.

    Now, back to you. Based on the way you script your comments (grandstanding, vealot sheep?), I need to ask the question…are you on the republic social order of Iran? Sorry, but I had to ask…

    You bring such comedy to the board, it’s actually entertaining. :)

  15. hellno says

    yawn more excuses and babble from disillusioned bluehorseshoe. So the above is your excuse for verizon’s anti-consumer culture of crippling and removing functions and features?

    Your need for evdo speed over standard, open, global GSM EDGE is as laughable as your excuses for it. There is little point of the small amount of extra speed from non-standard, proprietary evdo, in the limited amount of areas it’s available when YOUR device has been crippled with functions and features removed, and your “unlimited” data plan is very much limited by verizon.

    Verizon Limits Its “Unlimited” Wireless Broadband Service

    PS if your going to use quotes from others at very least learn how to quote correctly and not misspell. Also your grandstands speak for no one but yourself.

    Learn a bit before towing the vealot line.

    Verizon Lies = Media Truths

    Verizon Lies To Customer To Get Him Off The Phone, Charges ETF

    Limited Unlimited Doubletalk: Unlimited Data For Limited Types Of Data

    Verizon- Big Greedy Liars

    Unlimited gall to cost Verizon $1 million

  16. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellno

    You really are retarded.

    Seriously, have you ever used both technologies? I speak as a user, not based on assumption.

    As for educational fortitude, you’re a joke. The only thing that is crippled is your head.

    Edge faster than Rev. A. “You really are a funny guy”. – Good Fellas

  17. hellno says

    bluehorseshoe have some respect, this is http://www.rimarkable.com we talk about RIM and the wireless industry here, not http://www.bluehorseshoe/iknowi‘mwrong/yetimsodesperate/imakepersonalshots.com No one cares what you think of others opinions, and don’t so much care for your opinions / grandstanding either since you chose to take everything to a personal level. You’ve proven yourself and your posts completely worthlessness time and time again. Grow Up.

  18. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellno (aka: Corky)

    OK. No more personal shots at you. GSM rules. CDMA…what am I thinking about.

    Now I’m going back to the Mitchell report. Enough wasting my time playing with you. It’s been entertaining.

  19. hellno says

    Thanks for continuing to prove the truth about you bluehorseshoe to the rimarkable.com folks.

    More FACTS before fiction… Many things can and DO effect wireless speed. This is not Apple for Apple example, but it is a example of EDGE vrs evdo technology.

    iPhone vs. Treo – Edge vs. 3g EVDO test 1

    iPhone vs. Treo – Edge vs. 3g EVDO test 2

    As anyone with some sense can see there is not too much of a difference, and certainly not enough difference to use the bluehorseshoe: “slow ass EDGE data speeds.” or “I personally use their service for the 3G network they provide with decent enough speeds for road use.” GRANDSTANDS. But verizon tells him it’s so much faster…. As the Thompson Twins say “lies lies lies yeah, lies lies lies yeah, lies lies lies yeah” The speed difference is sure NOT a reason to downgrade to verizon cdma as bluehorseshoe has convinced himself, instead of choosing the standard, open global, GSM EDGE technology.

    Real life matters, FACTS matter.

  20. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellno

    Shame on me for debating with the mentally challenged. Is that the best you can do? You disappoint.

    And you’re sending YouTube clips? That’s funny.