When It Comes To Verizon Having 5X The 3G Coverage Of AT&T, There’s A Map For That

Verizon commercial taking it to AT&T when it comes to nationwide 3G coverage.  The Map illustrates the differences in the two biggest wireless carriers perfectly.

[Via All Things Digital]


  1. Marc Fogel says

    Is the AT&T guy holding a white iPhone. The problem with AT&T is that the iPhone is killing their network. I am sure, the same thing would have happened to Verizon.

    iPhone aside, Verizon’s biggest problem is their handset selection and cripling of their phones, although it does seem to be getting a little better.

    In my travels, Verizon seems to have a tiny bit better coverage, not enough to make a difference.

    • says

      You might need to travel more … 😉 Sorry, couldn’t resist.

      To me, the real problem isn’t the iPhone killing their network, it’s that their coverage is so sparse. “More bars in more places” is just a false statement. Unfortunately, AT&T hasn’t realized that merely saying it, does not make it true.

      In summary, it’s not that AT&T’s network is slow, it’s that it isn’t spread wide enough to be reliable.

  2. JB says

    It all boils down to whether you want a phone that happens to have other cool apps (Verizon) or whether you want a cool app platform that happens to be a phone. (AT&T)

  3. JR says

    We were w/ Verizon for a long time here in the Seattle market. They were rated the best and performed well most everywhere, but we never got signal in our neighborhood (a little valley) or at work (heart of the city), but friends with iPhones were making calls from our house. We just switched to AT&T. We’re now a Blackberry/iPhone family and get good signal everywhere we’ve gone. So far VERY good. Yes, Verizon may have better 3G coverage but they seem to have some annoying holes.

  4. DS says

    Agree with JR. I live in the NYC area and for the life of me do not know why Verizon and NYC MTA refuse to add coverage to their public transit routes. If it wasn’t for the good coverage at home and at work, I’d switch to.

    As red as Verizon’s map looks like, there are still a lot of tiny open pockets.

  5. says

    LAME and more deception from big red targeting those who don’t know any better, or have no clue about the REAL truth. Face it, only those who also don’t know any better allow a corporation to cripple handsets in the name of greed, arrogance, and the desperation of keeping control of it’s customers, by keeping them within big reds walled garden. Sorry verizon been there, done that. Your false advertising and anti-consumer actions are well known to smart consumers. To say nothing about how big red’s crippling and firmware games have lessened the value, reliability and usability of RIM’s Blackberry’s.

  6. malcolm tent says

    Don’t forget Verizon can only claim the largest coverage due to their acquisition of Alltel. It’s not like Verizon has been able to “keep up” on their own. Yes coverage may be sparse in comparison, but one perhaps two strategic acquisitions by AT&T would put them back on top. Anyone out there with a choice, be thankful. I’m rural and get Verizon, and nothing but. I hope the Verizon tower/coverage area divesture to AT&T includes my area. Verizon abuses their near monopoly status here.

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