When is BlackBerry 10 Coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook?

Yes, I was one of those folks who went out and bought a BlackBerry PlayBook the first day the device was available back in April of 2011.

To this day I say that the PlayBook has one of the best mobile browsers available, although, I fully admit that I rarely ever use my PlayBook.

The hardware in the PlayBook was pretty good, but, the OS and lack of application support relegated  my device to electronic junk drawer status.  Today I use my PlayBook to check out new applications, and, quite honestly, nothing more.

With all that being said, I have to admit that I am eagerly anticipating running BlackBerry 10 on my BlackBerry PlayBook.  I am not holding my breath waiting for it because my gut tells me it will be a while before BlackBerry 10 for the BlackBerry PlayBook sees the light of day.

BlackBerry 10 is a brand new mobile operating system, but, the BlackBerry PlayBook is nearly two year old hardware.  Something tells me that when we finally do see BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook, it will debut along with a new device…

Like Apple updates iOS devices with the newest versions of iOS (to a point) when new hardware comes out, BlackBerry, in my opinion, won’t update the BlackBerry PlayBook with BlackBerry 10 until something like a BlackBerry PlayBook 2 comes out…

I hope that I am wrong.  I really would like to see BlackBerry 10 on my PlayBook sooner rather than later.  I just don’t know if BlackBerry will allow 2-year old hardware set the standard for their new OS running on a tablet.

When do you think BlackBerry 10 for the BlackBerry PlayBook is coming out?



  1. Norman R. says

    It should have come out at the same time that it was released, just like Apple does with iOS. I think there is a chance that it may come out right near the U.S. release of the X10, but, if it doesn’t, you may be right in that it won’t come out until there is a refresh of BlackBerry PlayBook hardware.

  2. says

    Yes BB10 for playbook should come to playbook when the Z10 was release, but honestly the OS is not ready for the playbook, look it’s not fully working in landscape mode. For the Z10 it’s ok, even it’s a trouble for me after my 9860 (I like to use my phone as GPS in my car, and in portrait it’s not useful), but the playbook is use most of time in landscape.
    More is that the playbook as another resolution that the Z10, we need to wait the next big update of BB10. Maybe when the Q10 will be released.

  3. says

    I can’t agree more with Robb – I still think the PB is one of the best tablets out there, but don’t use it for much. I am eagerly awaiting the BB10 update, so that I can leave my other tablet at home. Only a few days away from US release of Z10, so keeping fingers crossed.

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