What Happened To Superpages Mobile For The BlackBerry Storm?

Not even a week ago we wrote about how Superpages Mobile, a free local search application suite, had become available for the BlackBerry Storm.  It looks, however, like Superpages Mobile for the BlackBerry Storm is no longer available.

I am not quite sure what the deal is.  When I wrote that post last week, I was able to download and install a version that appears to run on the BlackBerry Storm  just fine.  I actually really like it because it saves your search history kind of like Beyond411 does.

If anyone knows of an OTA link for Superpages Mobile for the BlackBerry Storm, please post it in the comments.

Be sure to check out Beyond411, Poynt, and Where as they all work on the BlackBerry Storm.


  1. angels728 says

    So weird….I have it installed on my phone, but I went to the link where I installed it and it says not supported….so weird!!

  2. Likeabite says

    lmfao…The Rock you’re probably the funniest person I’ve seen on here….you’ve been Verizoned lmao classic


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