Verizon Releases Visual Voice Mail

We’ve talked about Verizon’s Visual Voice Mail when we first heard that it was coming out. Well, for the LG Voyager Refresh, it is here.

Verizon Visual Voice Mail is kind of like that found on the iPhone and will be supported on the BlackBerry Thunder. It allows you to see who left you messages and listen to them in any order. It doesn’t, however, transcribe your voice mail messages and send them to you as emails. For that, I’ll be sticking with PhoneTag



  1. Thought says

    It’s about time; this is a feature carriers could have had long ago but wanted to keep people dialing in and using up their minutes to go through messages they didn’t want to hear.

    However, I will say that the interface for this just doesn’t seem to measure up to the Visual Voicemail on the iPhone…which is not surprising…no one does UI’s like Apple…

  2. Cleveland says

    It doesn’t sound like what Verizon is offering is Visual Voice Mail at all. I think it is more or less a GUI interface to allow you deal with your messages better. I guess that there is benifit in knowing who sent you an email before you listen too it but when I think of visual voice mail, I think of something that would actually allow me to read the voicemail message as compared to still having to listen to it.

  3. Ant says


    What you say is true, however, this is the same type of visual voicemail managment says as you will find in the iPhone. Since Apple calls it visual voicemail, most people refere to anything like it as visual voicemail even though they aren’t talking about services like Phonetag and SpinVox.

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