Verizon BlackBerry Pearl Now Available Online

Well, the Verizon BlackBerry Pearl was available for pre-order for about 12 hours, however, it is now available for sale. Additionally, Verizon is offering a $50 mail-in rebate on top of the $100 instant online rebate which brings the price of the Verizon BlackBerry Pearl down to $149.99 with a two year contract.

You’ve still got to wait until November 8th to pick the device in the store, however, it appears that the devices are shipping immediately if you buy them online.


  1. PrincessJo says

    I ordered mine online yesterday, it shipped right away from Ontario CA last night with 2 day shipping but since I’m in LA it got delivered this morning! I’m charging up now, am so excited! Finally!!

  2. Vaun Wilmott says

    Did Verizon disable GPS on this phone? I don’t see it listed anymore and I could have sworn this phone was going to come with GPS built in… anyone know the answer? Thanks,


  3. Dalton says

    What is the cheapest an existing VZW customer can get the Pearl 2 for? I am currently having to wait a couple weeks before mine shows up due to my New Every Two (it won’t ship until the 8th). If I could get it sooner and for around the same price, I will cancel my preorder and just buy it without the NE2.

  4. PJ says

    I used the New every 2 also, ordered it through and only pd $99 before sales tax, which was around $35 (they tax you for the full price of the phone). i had a $100 instant discount for New Every Two, and another $100 discount for the advance device credit, which they give you if you sign up for the $30 blackberry data plan. I think it’s the best deal I’ve seen around, and I already received my phone!

  5. Dalton says

    It’s my understanding that you have to order it on the web and not on the phone through CS. This usually is not a problem, but they are moving my NE2 date up a few weeks for me, so I have to wait until the 8th for that, or if I could order it on the phone, I could cancel my preorder and order it outright as long as the CSR bumps my date up for me sooner.

    Anybody order this on the phone with CS? They said it had to be online in order to get it now.

  6. Lexus Luthor says

    Walked in to my local Verizon store tonight (in Santa Clarita, Ca) and they have it for sale. The tech showed me the phone, I held it, and customer service quoted my my price w/ my 2 yr upgrade. Didn’t get it cause I and still shopping but most stores probably have it. I had to ask about it, it was not on display.

  7. Dalton says

    I am suprised with that. I will hit a few stores today, but the one I went into yesterday only had a non-working model and none for sale.

  8. hellno says

    that non-working model is to get customers ready to accept the verizon crippled and removed functions that all other customers with Pearls have had for over a year now :)

    bad verizon…..

  9. bigtony says


    What functions have been removed besides the GPS, which you have to pay to use with VZ Navigator? Could you please elaborate on what is wrong with the Verizon Pearls. Thanks in advance.

  10. jon baker says

    Bought mine on Thurs. Got it yesterday fedex. Now I’m trying to get into the 21st century with the technology. Hope my kids stay at their friends houses ALL day.

  11. hellno says

    RIM built the 8130 with autonomous gps, which means you should NOT have to pay to use it. (it’s function has nothing to do with the service provider). Thats the first on the list of verizon’s crippling and function removal on verizon branded 8130 Pearl’s. Any crippling and function removal is too much.

  12. slush says

    Does anyone have any initial impressions or thoughts on the 8130? How’s the UI, etc?

    I’m gonna go the VZ store today, hopefully they have it.

  13. dave g says

    got mine in hand – ordered from the web. still needed to contact vzw to get it fully activated – via web was not sufficient.

    I tried to install mini opera browser and it said that it could not recognize the device type. hopefully vzw didn’t cripple some of the app install ability.

  14. bigtony says

    I just received mine today. I have been using the Treo 700, so I am especially pleased with the smaller size and weight. I find the full Qwery keyboard easier to use than the Suretype, but I imagine that I will get used to it in time. The browser speed was very fast, though my first impression of the blackberry browser was that it is harder to work with. Most of all I am very happy with the size and overall feel of the Pearl, which makes my old Treo feel like a brick.

  15. dave g says

    , so I’m posting this from my pearl.

    Hopefully this is a simple question. I have a bes acct and a pop3 acct, I would like to only see work email in the bes acct and keep pop3 separate. Pop3 seems to keep going in to the one mags

  16. Laura says

    When purchasing the Verizon BB Pearl, we’re finding that it’s REQUIRED that you sign up for the $30 BB Data plan….even if you don’t want to use it. I’m wanting the BB Pearl for the size, the organzier (calendar), and the possibility of adding email if I want. Does this sound right?

  17. pj says

    Been using mine all week and I really like my pearl! Can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want it without the $30 plan.considering how affordable the phone is I think the plan is priced right.

  18. slush says

    Well I can see not needing the plan. Like if you’re near a computer often enough to not need the web or email on your phone, but you’d still like to see your calendar, to-do list, etc. This kind of thing might be useful especially to the consumers (ie not business set) RIM is targeting with the Pearl.

    But you’re right Laura, you can’t get a Blackberry without data. I know this is true at least for VZ and Sprint, not sure about AT&T but should be true of them as well. The design their phones for email, so they want everyone to use it.

  19. Nick says

    That is crap. I want to use the phone as a PDA because I have an old Palm that I love for work and if I could combine it with a phone and save having to carry one thing I would love it. I don’t need e-mail or internet on my phone, I just need a good old fashsion organizer. I already replaced my Franklin planner with a Palm, now I was hoping to replace it with a BlackBerry.


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