1. bluehorseshoe says

    If all is true, it’s a seller! Just got my BB replacement this am and the timing couldn’t be any better. Black looks nice, silver was OK in my book too. I’d go with either color. It’s the device and it’s service that’s getting me excited.

  2. nick says

    this picture is photoshopped….. verizons curve will be silver. as is all there other new blackberry products. that same silver we see on the 8830 and 8130. i cant see them getting a black curve. sprint i can see getting a black or navy blue curve. but not verizon. my opinion. or fact. just look at the history of verizon. and since when has sprint whose loosing money employees and locations like brush fire get this first?? that blows my mind.

  3. Thought says

    First, let me say that I do not believe this ad is a real one. The marketing line is just too corny, for one thing.

    However, let me also add this: just because something is photoshopped does not mean it is not a real ad. Remember, the professional ad agencies photoshop the real ads all the time.

    And the source of this ad was indeed a professional graphics company.

    So again, I still believe this to be false, but the fact that it is photoshopped is not necessarily some proof of its falsehood.

  4. bluehorseshoe says

    @ thought…

    While I agree with you on your post, what makes you think it was a professional graphics company? I can rattle off dozens of people who can do this type of work (and better) and don’t work for a professional graphics company…

  5. nickjoedotcom says

    Well I don’t know if any of that matters! All I want to know is when Verizon is getting this phone, the icing on the cake would be the phone in all black!

  6. Thought says

    Bluehorshoe: good question. If you look back at the original comment that Robb linked to, as well as the original source for this story, the source link is to an image on the website of a company called Ensomniac Studios.


    It actually looks like a pretty cool company; Ensomniac does work in visual effects, motion pictures, even symphonic scoring. I rather suspect one of the employees there has a thing about BB’s…probably has been reading about these rumors, and decided to have some fun.

  7. Drew says

    My stomach dropped when i saw this color wit the verizon logo and that april 7 date….but when i saw the comments it was disappointed to find out that this is fake

  8. says

    OMG!!! Having the Curve out there may tempt me to retire my Pearl. But I still have the problem getting over the fact that any BB bigger than the Pearl feels like a waffle…

  9. bluehorseshoe says

    WOW…let the truth be told! Check this out everyone…

    hellno WORKS for VERIZON!!! He is a UNION MEMBER. Yes. That’s why he brought up that crazy crap about unions. If you have the time, drop him an email and say hello… NHRASPEED1@YAHOO.COM.


  10. Taxman says

    I was in two corporate stores today. #22 is correct. Online ordering on 9th of May. In stores on the 12th. The units were in the back. The manager showed me an e-mail on his BB from the district manager noting that the units could not be sold until the 12th. Circuit City has no idea when the 8330 is coming out.

  11. Peanut Capital says

    The 8330 is available online today. I just ordered mine. It may come May 9th or 10th. Store confirmed they won’t be selling it until the 12th.

  12. DJF says

    Sad to say that it is fake.
    I just upgraded to the 8330 a few weeks ago, and I only had two color options to pick from: Silver or pink.

    But still the best phone I’ve ever had.

  13. corleon says

    i have a black one brand new got it off ebay for $28 with car charger and house charger with headphones and a leather carrying case


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