US BlackBerry Market Share Continues To Plummet

comScore released its March 2011 report on mobile subscriber market share last Friday, and, when it comes to the the smartphone category, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry continues to lose subscribers at an alarming rate dropping 4.5%, now sitting at 27.1%, in the 3 month avg. ending Mar. 2011 vs. 3 month avg. ending Dec. 2010.

The BlackBerry has slipped to number 2 behind Android who jumped up 6% to 34.7% U.S. share.  The BlackBerry is still in front of the iPhone which had just a .5% increase in share now sitting at 25.5%.  If the BlackBerry, however, continues the free-fall that it has been on for the better part of the last 18 months, it will slip to number 3 by the time the next comScore report comes out.  Rounding out the smartphone category where Microsoft and Palm who both lost 0.9% market share dropping to 7.5% and 2.8% respectively…

[Via comScore]

  • Remy Ladou

    What should be really scary for RIM is that they’ve been losing market share while still selling more BlackBerry devices than they ever have, but, they are probably going to see a decline in the number of devices they sold this quarter under last quarter so you will probably see a bigger decline than what they have been seeing so far.

    It won’t be long before investors start calling for new leadership at that company.

  • Gquaglia

    People are finally starting to realize that there are better options out there. The BB is nothing more then a glorified 2 way pager with a phone.

    • Norman R.

      I hate to say it, but, you are right. I had the opportunity to see the the BlackBerry 9900 last week and after the excitement of just seeing a new BlackBerry, I started to get that feel the Bold Touch is just another stop gap device until RIM figures out what they are going to do with there OS.

  • T0ked

    Agreed. They spent so much time developing and marketing their tablet and basically neglected their bread and butter phones. I waited and waited for them to bring out a suitable replacement for their Storm1 (yes I’m am original owner and I actually liked it!). But after waiting and waiting for over 9 months after my upgrade eligibility, I switched to Android and I’m never looking back. It’s been 2 months after my switch… and still no new BB’s on Verizon. And what they have supposedly planned for September looks completely underwhelming. They need 1.2Ghz processors and BBOS7 NOW! Not a year from now. BB should have been one of the phone makers rushing out with a 4GLTE phone. Not just Android based phones. I don’t know who they are marketing the Playbook to since I don’t know any friends who own a BB who has shown any interest in the Playbook. The Playbook should have been out last year before the holiday season, not 3-4 weeks after the iPad2. Don’t know what RIM is doing, but these numbers are not surprising.