Upcoming BlackBerry 9650 Possibly Delayed, May Be Called Bold Instead Of Tour

Word on the street is that the BlackBerry 9650 may be delayed because of software issues.  The device might also be called the Bold as compared to the Tour.

Some Verizon stores did get the 9650. They were sent back for “updates”.  Verizon won’t release the 9650 until the official OS 5.0 arrives for the Tour 9630. The Sprint 9650’s are having WiFi issues and Sprint is working that out. And at the end of the email he states: “it won’t be called the Tour 2. It’s the Bold 9650.

I wonder if the name Tour is being dropped because of all the issues with the trackball on the Tour 9630 whereas the reputation of the Bold is pretty solid?

[Via Mobility Site]


  1. bluehorseshoe says

    Well, the good news is they won’t release another device with software and hardware issues. The bad news is…for me personally, I’ll most likely go with the Nexus One when it comes out.

    I’ve been using my Bold2, which in my opinion is the best BB out there, but it has its limitations. The OS is part of the blame, along with the browser. The browser becomes more of a factor for me in the business world when more and more applications are browser based and web accessible. The OS is not as pleasurable when compared to webOS and BB applications are limited to their functionality and enjoyment when compared to other devices, such as the iPhone and Nexus One.

    During my testing of the Nexus One, the experience was more than what I had hoped for, of course with some side issues that I’m sure will be addressed when released on Verizon.

    Personally, my approach has flipped. I’m still a BB lover and will probably get the Pearl2 when released for personal use, and the Nexus One for business. When RIM releases their new browser, I’ll test and re-evaluate. Android has made the experience pleasurable and in some business cases, possible, whereas the BB has limited me. Email is still top notch on the BB, but business on a phone has passed more than just the ability to retrieve and send email in a secure, expedited fashion.

    RIM needs to bring the BB to a level that will continue to keep the interest of loyal BB’ers like myself. The Tour2 or Bold2 isn’t the answer…in my opinion. With this I say, delay the Tour2/Bold2, so be it. :)

  2. rtg says

    Good observations. It get’s a little frustrating because I love the “push” technology of BB’s e-mail but the web browser is a pain in the backside. I downloaded the opera -mini to offset some of the trouble but it still is frustrating to have to zoom and re-zoom just to look at things on the browser. Any idea when RIM is going to produce more of an iPhone type of browser so we BB loyalist can have the best of both worlds?

  3. Kells says

    I’ve been a die-hard BlackBerry users since before they had color screens. I really don’t care if Verizon calls the 9650 the Tour2 or the Bold. I just hope that it comes with the new Webkit browser and that developers start writing HTML 5 apps.

  4. Eric says

    I do not think it is just the functionality of the browser that is the problem. The screen size is also quite limiting. It isn’t touch and it is small. RIM needs to do something about that, while also keeping the things that we love about Blackberry (keyboard, push email, etc). Is that too much to ask?

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