Truncated Messages… What Causes Them?

Is there a correlation between truncated messages and mailbox limits? I work at a company that restricts my mailbox to 200MB. I know it is like living in the stone age it only takes a couple 17MB excel files or large power point emails before I hit the limit.

Recently, when I was getting close to my mail limit I noticed that a large number of my messages started to show up truncated. These are not long messages 25 – 50 words on the top end. Using the Get Plain Text options returns the full message. This problem has been happening from all sources emails via blackberry, webmail, and GMail. I cannot put my finger on the logic as to why some messages are showing up as truncated.

The funny thing is after I cleaned up my mailbox the truncated messages stopped. Not a single truncated message since cleanup. Are they related? Does anyone else get these truncated messages?

  • Alex

    One possible cause is Outlook 2010 beta. Please see link below. We see this issue in our environment with email received from people running Outlook 2010.

    • Rod Simmons

      Thanks for the tip

  • Jacob

    I have the same problem with BIS + Gmail (without Outlook) without mailbox limits problems.

  • Rick

    Truncated messages are “cropping” up all over the place. Facebook has started doing it if you exceed their (unstated) limit on comments — cut off in mid-sentence. It’s part of their recent “upgrading” I suppose… I have to admit it stems from harsh realities. If someone drives off the edge of the road, they may end up in a ditch (or off of a cliff — depending on the limits of the terrain). Fortunately, the authorities usually post a warning of some kind so it can be avoided. Hmm, communication in cyberspace?

  • seija malm

    I have had truncated messages from china and the messages have not been long at all. what’s the problem?? I sent one message and it only had a few sentences , it was truncated. what’s next. are you only suppose to say. hi! it’s me.

  • seija malm

    I don’t get it. I send emails through yahoo not by face book.