Truncated Messages… What Causes Them?

Is there a correlation between truncated messages and mailbox limits? I work at a company that restricts my mailbox to 200MB. I know it is like living in the stone age it only takes a couple 17MB excel files or large power point emails before I hit the limit.

Recently, when I was getting close to my mail limit I noticed that a large number of my messages started to show up truncated. These are not long messages 25 – 50 words on the top end. Using the Get Plain Text options returns the full message. This problem has been happening from all sources emails via blackberry, webmail, and GMail. I cannot put my finger on the logic as to why some messages are showing up as truncated.

The funny thing is after I cleaned up my mailbox the truncated messages stopped. Not a single truncated message since cleanup. Are they related? Does anyone else get these truncated messages?



  1. says

    Truncated messages are “cropping” up all over the place. Facebook has started doing it if you exceed their (unstated) limit on comments — cut off in mid-sentence. It’s part of their recent “upgrading” I suppose… I have to admit it stems from harsh realities. If someone drives off the edge of the road, they may end up in a ditch (or off of a cliff — depending on the limits of the terrain). Fortunately, the authorities usually post a warning of some kind so it can be avoided. Hmm, communication in cyberspace?

  2. seija malm says

    I have had truncated messages from china and the messages have not been long at all. what’s the problem?? I sent one message and it only had a few sentences , it was truncated. what’s next. are you only suppose to say. hi! it’s me.

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