Ticketmaster for BlackBerry Smartphones Coming Soon

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<p><span class=It looks like Research in Motion is about to release Ticketmaster for BlackBerry Smartphones…

Your mobile connection to event, concert game and theatre tickets. Designed to make buying tickets more convenient, you can browse event listings, select your seats and even buy your tickets from just about anywhere using familiar BlackBerry menus and prompts. It also works with BlackBerry® Wallet to help you fill in credit card and shipping information. And, as the official smartphone of Ticketmaster, your BlackBerry smartphone can also be your connection to advanced or reserved tickets as well as special events, rewards and fantastic promotions.

Ticketmaster for BlackBerry Smartphones isn’t out just yet, however, you can enter in your email here to notified when it does become available.


  1. Dave says

    Can I be the first to suggest that the application will itself be free, but will carry an $11.50 “convenience fee” per download?

  2. whatever says

    So I get to pay an 11.50 fee only to have army of offshore CAPTCHA monkeys feed a bot that buys up all the tickets in a matter of seconds only to later resell them to me on stubhub for twice the price? — YAY!


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