This Wasn’t The BlackBerry 9000 After All

Remember the other day when we asked if this crappy keyboard toting device was the BlackBerry 9000? Well, it turns out that it isn’t and, in fact, is a new 8000 series device.

We’re not sure exactly what this new BlackBerry 8xxx series device will be called, however, it will be built on a brand new platform using the new Tavor chipset and is being touted as the new flagship BlackBerry targeting senior execs.

BGR has all the details, however, some of the highlights are the 624MHz Tavor processor, the new half VGA color display (480×320), and a “High Performance” 2 megapixel camera. I put high performance in quotes because just can’t imagine 2 megapixels being “high” anything.

Vodafone is supposed to start offering this puppy in May so we can imagine that AT&T will do so here in the States around the same time if not sooner.


  1. JHP2 says

    Looks better on the slide! Unfortunately, it will be on ATT so it is a non-starter for me. If it makes it’s way to VZW, I take a look. Especially at the keyboard. At least it has 3G.

  2. Lancellini says

    Damn! I wish T-Mobile could get this phone. I’d trade my curve in a heartbeat for this device. It Looks kinda fly. I didn’t think they’d come out with a curve-topper at least til summer ’08 or early ’09.

  3. hellno says

    “Vodafone is supposed to start offering this puppy in May so we can imagine that AT&T will do so here in the States around the same time if not sooner.”

    Nope on the vzw, at least not until vzw upgrades to GSM family of technology, standard, open, global.

    Verizon dumps CDMA for GSM-based LTE in 4G networks

    Could Apple Solidify GSM in the US? (We know now the answer is YES, and it took less than 6 months)
    September 26, 2006

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  4. ben says

    Err wudnt one of the highlights be HSDPA??!! That’s all everyone bangs on about BlackBerry® not having!!! And the fact it has GPS AND Wifi???!!!

  5. ppcmd says

    Specs look good to me, dumped Verizon for AT&T for the simple fact that Verizon will get any BlackBerry long after its been out. 3G, GPS, WiFi higher resolution screen, a keyboard that looks similar to the Q9h (great keyboard btw). I am looking forward to this and will trade up on arrival to AT&T. The only omission is the memory being offered, is it the rumored 1GB from the rumored 9000 series? I certainly hope for at least 256-512MB with 8GB microSD or higher microSD support.

  6. hellno says

    Where does this device fit into RIM’s new Business / Consumer categories? Is it a replacement to the Curve, 8300 series? Is it a replacement to the 8800 series? It seems to be more the 8800 series, yet has a Camera? It looks to be a swiss army knife with all RIM’s technologies built into one device, which imo is not a looker like its Curve brother and sisters.

  7. Rndy says

    Vzw is worthless. If they ever decide to upgrade their network, everyone will be forced to buy a new phone because they all lack one key item…a sim card. If this phone ever comes to tmobile, I’ll def check it out. In my opinion, its the only cell company worth it. You don’t win 7 jd power awards (in a row) for not being the best.

  8. bluehorseshoe says

    @ Rndy

    Check the site…JD Power awarded TMO best Customer Service, not actual usage quality. Verizon won 5 out of the 6 regions for best call quality by them (AT&T won one…where their headquarters is! Ya’d think?). As for customer service, I persoanlly give the nod to TMO, I always had great CSR’s when dealing with them, but that’s not reason enough to choose a network. But if you want to go there…Verizon also won the 2007 Retail Sales Satisfaction Study as well. :)

    As for the switching of the phones and network, VZW won’t have a full fledged rollout until 2010/2011. I think by then many of the VZW customers will be looking for new phones anyway. When the new network is fully prepared, they’ll stop selling CDMA phones and only sell the GSM/LTE phones and phase out CDMA once everyone has made the switch.

  9. hellno says

    Rndy you are so right… Its good to see others know the TRUTH about verizon.

    Verizon Wireless’s Outrage Over Alltel Ad A Bit Misplaced

    Verizon Fined For Pretending That Limited Service Was Unlimited

    Verizon Wireless To Hand Over Your Info To Advertisers Unless You Opt Out?

    Perhaps Up North ‘Unlimited’ Means Something Different Than It Does Here

    Verizon Wireless Again Accused Of Crippling Handset Features

    Verizon Wireless’s Walled Garden Grows, But Isn’t Opening

    House Reps Assail Verizon Wireless Union-Busting

    Union-Busting Verizon Wireless is the WalMart of TeleCom

    Some sheep somehow think the “can you hear me now guy, and lie’s about “most reliable” are the truth… Poor sheep, verizon wireless is anti-consumer on multiple counts.

    Meet Sir Charge

    Sir Charge returns!

  10. hellno says

    The upgrade to GSM/LTE will happen before 2010/2011.

    Verizon and Vodafone to launch LTE trial in 2008

    Don’t see RIM on supplier the list though. Voda wants it’s partner verizon to get with the program and upgraded itelf to standard, open, global GSM asap. Nothing like Voda and At&t getting the devices before Voda’s proprietary stepchild across the pond, and worse the apologies Voda must make to it’s customers when they cross the pond and its partner verizon is unable to service their devices due to mistakes made years ago when choosing proprietary cdma and since then being qualcomm’s bitch. CDMA all in the name of consumer CONTROL. We have let history show closed, proprietary, technology in consumer communications will never, ever be what standard, open, global GSM technology is.

  11. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellidiot

    How come you didn’t list the TRUTH, you know, the site that was being discussed? JD Power? Hard time with the TRUTH? How come zealot, fanboy, master grandstander and leader of the mentally and technically challenged?

    There you go…now go tell your mom that you’re using her computer again without permission and don’t forget to take your medication.

    I know why you like AT&T…because they suck and so do you.

    PS – I agree with Robb on moderating…it’s a free country, but I do believe there should be a rule for stupidity…the kind you display.

  12. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellidiot

    Notice the word ‘trial’ in 2008? Nah…you can’t even comprehend the English language, why would anyone expect more from you? A rollout doesn’t just happen overnight on a national level.

    You really are showing off you’re stupidity and worth today.

  13. hellno says

    Lets stay on topic bluehorseshoe, no need to prove you don’t know what RIMarkable is for in every thread you post in. We all don’t care what your personal thoughts and fantasy’s are of others are. You have enough trouble understanding the TRUTH about verizon. Verizon’s anti-consumer crippling and firmware games, union-busting, are all on the short list to ignoring what jdpower might think, since they are obviously not basing the review on the TRUTH and reality either. Just another fluff rating to pacify verizon sheep making them think they aren’t dealing with the walmart of telcom, brought to you by verizon.

    bluehorseshoe relax your not the only one duped into thinking VZW is/was an
    acceptable cell phone co.

  14. hellno says

    bluehorseshoe glad you see “trial” BUT this is the wireless business, give verizon alittle credit. The roll out will not take 4 years, if it does verizon will be out of business.

  15. hellno says

    Again for the sake of RIM, glad to see they are making devices for standard, open, global networks running GSM. Staying out of the mess called cdma and dealing with qualcomm is something no manufacture needs to do. There are reasons why RIM makes the devices they make…

    “CDMA is like spaghetti. There are too many parts to it. Why do you need it when you have such a clean global standard as GSM? For someone who is already on CDMA it makes sense to graduate to GSM and maybe get out of CDMA eventually”

    “Of course, Vodafone has no CDMA plans. CDMA is losing friends faster than me losing my pounds. Three large carriers in fast growing markets of China, India and Brazil are re-thinking their CDMA strategies. These are troubling signs for Qualcomm, the primary beneficiary of CDMA standard”

    bluehorseshoe vealot FUD / DEBUNKED

  16. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellidiot

    You can send all the links you want, but you still haven’t addrest the topic was, the ranking on JD Power. Sure, I can send a bunch of AT&T sucks links too, but I’m not going to waste time here. Obviously you have plenty to waste.

    As for the rollout, you don’t know how to do math either. 4 years? 2010 – 2008 = 2 years. 3 years if you do 2011. Secondly, they are doing trials in select cities, ensuring they have it properly setup and situated, then take the image and model to the rest of the country. But what would you know about that…you just dream up crap to argue anything.

    You’re at your best today…you’ve brought stupid to a new level.

  17. hellno says

    Again better to stay on topic bluehorseshoe, jdpowers is not the topic, the topic brought to us by our host Robb is the BB8xxx is coming out for Voda and At&t. There are good reasons for that.

    There is no need to prove each time you click “Send comment” how confused you are. You don’t know what RIMarkable is for in every thread you post in. We all don’t care what your personal thoughts and fantasy’s are of others are. You have enough trouble understanding the TRUTH about verizon.

    Rndy posted his opinion about vzw which happens to be right on, there is no need for vealot defense and the constant need to take things to a personal level. The truth about vzw is all over yet sadly you went with the brainwashed vzw sheep instead of searching out the truth before downgrading your T-Mo service. jdpowers ranting, means zero.

    Sent from my iPhone

  18. bluehorseshoe says

    @ hellidiot

    No, Rndy made the comment that they (TMO) won 7 years in a row on JD Power, and I pointed out a FACT from JD Power & Associates that Verizon won 5 of 6 regions for best quality over AT&T, TMO, and Sprint in 2007. Guess what…it’s a fact. The articles you send are useless. You’re posts are useless. But I do have a new name for you along with a link that should give you insight to your condition…

    Name: hellno-5150

  19. says

    Haven’t we beat the Verizon Sucks horse to death already? My gosh… If you don’t like Verizon, don’t use Verizon. It is as simple as that, unless of course you need superior network coverage and call quality.

  20. ktwht says

    Actually rndy was just saying that he’d rather have the phone with tmo than anyone else.. Possibly bad prior experiences with other providers.. And yes.. For some people customer service and lower prices on phones and plans is a better reason to switch providers.. And I don’t bust my buns every day helping customers to NOT have my customer service noticed(yes I work for tmobile and was a customer prior to working there). Having had AT&T, Sprint, and vzw before I can say that tmobile’s service is the best.. Regardless of who has better coverage..and I’m not saying everyone should agree with me.. Just my opinion :)

  21. says

    I love coming to work on Monday mornings. Two things guaranteed.

    1. coffee will be made right away.
    2. Hellno is an old man stuck on making vzw look bad no matter what.

    Funny stuff!

  22. hellno says

    #24. January 7th, 2008, at 9:54 AM.
    “2. Hellno is an old man stuck on making vzw look bad no matter what.”

    Luckly Ben the TRUTH about verizon is out there, unfortunately there are many sheep out there who are open to the FUD. Glad to be able to share the TRUTH so that others can see the TURTH and gain knowledge.

    btw young enough and smart enough to know, and reject most of verizon’s FUD, lies, and arrogance.

    Poor sheep…


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