There Are Probably More BlackBerry Storm Users Than You Think

An interesting report from ComScore on Touchscreen Mobile Phone Adoption came out yesterday and a few things in the report kind of surprised me.

  1. Touchscreen mobile phone adoption grew at a blistering rate up 159%.  Nothing really shocking about that.
  2. The iPhone dominates  the market with 32.9% market share.  Yeah, yeah… Sounds about right.
  3. The BlackBerry sits in 4th place with 7% of the market, only 1.7% behind the number 2 LG Dare and 0.8% behind the 3rd place LG Voyager. Completely wasn’t expecting that.

Of the 10 devices listed, the BlackBerry Storm received the most bad press, deservedly so, by a long shot.  For the Storm to come in 4th when it was such a bad device at launch and having been on the market for a lot less time than the three devices in front of it was more than just surprising.  It was actually a bit shocking.

This is probably due to the strength of the BlackBerry brand because no one else could have had a device suck that much, yet sell so well.  Hopefully the BlackBerry Storm2 will do better by the brand than did it’s predecessor.  Every report that I’ve heard about the BlackBerry Storm2 goes something like, “You know, it’s really not that bad“.  If that sentiment remains I think RIM will view the BlackBerry Storm2 as a success.


  1. blgsllmtim says

    While the Storm coming in 4th place may be a shock for some, for those who have taken the time to learn the device and have without question patiently waiting for the updates, there is no surprise. Let me quickly say the RIM and VZW should not have released a product which was half baked. That being said, I was one of the first persons on line that cold November 21st, 2008 to purchase the Storm when it first came out. I am proud to say that I have the original Storm and with each upgrade has found that the devise has only gotten better each time. While WiFi is a nice feature, I am very comfortable keeping my Storm and not rushing out to purchase the Storm 2, Android or the Iphone (for that matter). The problems others listed i.e. resetting on its own, bad accelerator, poor battery etc. was never an experience I had. The typing is a preference and while I am not a Power User I am also not a Casual User and I conduct business daily using my Storm. The Storm has numerous features which are never mentioned and the Apps are rolling out weekly. It is all about choice. But given the 5.0 upgrade even the Storm (original) is a respectable device for both business use and casual use. They way VZW and RIM introduced it sucked, they should have waited for the full development of unit, but you cannot blame the unit, you have to blame it manufactuer and carrier for rushing to make a profit, taking its consumer base for granted, instead of taking the time needed to introduce an awesome devices at its best performing level. Needless to say I stand by my Storm and I am without a question I am a Proud Storm Owner. There is not shock here, just anticipation of the Storms yet to come.

  2. iPhone Addict says

    Let’s see… 32.9% share for the iPhone, 7% share for the LackBerry. If RIM is happy with being in forth place and selling almost 5 times fewer LackBerrys than iPhones, the company is lamer and worse off than I thought.

    • Patrick Dennison says

      @iPhone Addict…

      Just like Apple sells more than the iPhone 3G s, they still sell the 3G and you can even get an original iPhone if you look hard enough, RIM sells more than just the BlackBerry Storm.

      I know that most iPhone addicts that troll BlackBerry blogs trying to create controversy when there really isn’t any don’t like to hear this, but, Apple and the iPhone are still number 2 when it comes to market share. RIM and the BlackBerry currently hold the number 1 spot. This fact may, and, probably will change at some point, but, for right now, RIM is No. 1….

    • Eddie Z. says

      Blackberry, as a whole, has about 10% more market share than Apple does… I’m sure RIM is happy with that position. And I’m sure that VZW is happy that 3 of the top 5 touchscreen phones are Verizon-exclusive (Dare, Voyager, and Storm).

      The Storm was RIM’s first real attempt at a touchscreen phone. I’m not sure that 4th place is bad for a first time effort. I was a little surprised to see the LG Dare and Voyager took 2nd and 3rd place, but considering they are offered at a cheaper contract price, and do not require a data plan like the Storm and other smart phones, I can see why VZW moved a lot of them…

    • Mark Holle says

      If I follow your form of logic, shouldn’t Apple just fold up their tent when it comes to comparing the Mac to PCs?

      Being Number One in sales does not make you the best nor does being Number Four mean you are lame. And it especially doesn’t mean that you will always stay that way. Nothing ever stands still. Competition is good especially when it comes to smartphones. I love my Storm but I am glad there are devices like the Iphone, the Pre and the Droid that force RIM to innovate – Case in point is OS 5.0. You’ll be glad too when Apple has to add even more features to the Iphone when they start to feel a little threatened by Google.

    • jackie says

      maybe you should check the real facts the blackberry is the #1 selling smartphone in the world, period. and the storm being out a lot less time than the cry phone. being number 4 is great, and the fact that att has little or no service in the us. i phone is the big loser. whats the use having a phone that doesnt work.

  3. iPhone Addict says

    So what, you’ll be able to say RIM is number one for a few more weeks? Most analyst agree that Apple will outpace RIM this quarter. Your company with a small army of devices can’t outpace Apple which is really just selling the 3G S these days.

  4. Ben says

    The real diference is that the Apple phone is a “Yugo” the Blackberry is a “Rolls Royce”, you apple fanbois cant troll me, I had 2 iPhones. an original and a 3G S, I paid the ETF on the 3G S and bought a BlackBerry Bold and never looked back, it is much more than the iPhone could ever hope to be.

    • Eddie Z. says

      Plus you have to suffer with AT&T… A co-worker of mine left Verizon for AT&T, to get an iPhone, and has regretted the decision ever since.

  5. Michael says

    Apple will only outpace RIM this Quarter as it has released it on more networks, funnily just in time for Christmas when the more gadgety (toyish) iPhone will be bought as gifts.

    It only out sells the Storm due to the foolish users that fall for Apple’s marketing and buy a new model each time they come out! where the Storm is a longer term investment like Ben says “Roll Royce” and like “Yugo” iPhone is more likely to go up in smoke.

    But the way I am an Apple user and fan, but I have never been interested in the iPhone the firsta nd second models were incomplete as phones and the 3Gs is no better than the Storm or any othe touch screen phone.

    I would think Apple iPhone users should worry more about Android devices, i would only ever giev my Storm up for an Android phone but they need some time to mature yet.

    • Eddie Z. says

      I agree… Globally, the iPhone will start to outpace RIM because it’s only now starting to show up in other countries like China (just went on sale this week). Domestically, the iPhone has a ways to go before outpacing RIM.

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