Ten Things We Hate About BlackBerrys

If you ever make the mistake of asking pretty much any BlackBerry user that you ever meet what they love about their BlackBerry they will spend about 10 minutes telling you all the stuff that has vaulted the BlackBerry to the top of the list when it comes to smartphones and kept it there for the past 3 or 4 years.

Believe it or not, however, there are some things about the BlackBerry that are less than desirable and we’ve decide to clue you in to a few of them.

Here are ten things that we hate about BlackBerrys in no particular order.

1. The BlackBerry Browser is horrible — The BlackBerry is definitely not a device designed to effectively browse around the internet. It is truly amazing to me at just how slow and bad the BlackBerry Browser is and it has little to do with the small screen. Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, and just about every other mobile OS has a browser that could dance circles the BlackBerry. That’s not even to mention the browser on the iPhone. There simply is no comparison there.

2. The color of the BlackBerry you want is always on another carrier — For the passed couple of years, you have been able to, for the most part, get the same model BlackBerry devices from each of the carriers. The major differences are in the color schemes. I don’t know if it is Murphy’s Law or what, but, how is that that no matter what carrier you are on, the color of the BlackBerry model that you really like is on a different carrier?

3. No native HTML email support — Since 2002 has anyone, with the exception of BlackBerry users, sent an email that didn’t have some type rich text or HTML formatting embedded in it? We’ve heard that BES 4.1 SP5 is suppose to have this, however, this item remains on the list until it is widely available.

4. Can’t play YouTube videos — Why is it that every cool mobile phone except the BlackBerry can play YouTube Videos. I know that the BlackBerry doesn’t have the Flash player necessary to play YouTube videos. The question, though, is “Why?”

5. The Media Player — I never expected that the BlackBerry would ever truly compete with the iPod when it comes to consumers MP3 players of choice. I did, however, expect to to compete with other music phones not named iPhone. The BlackBerrys Media Player is so bad that RIM shouldn’t even list the ability to play music as a feature.

6. CDMA BlackBerrys come out a year after their GSM cousins — If you are like most Americans you probably don’t care and may not even know if your mobile device is GSM or CDMA. Outside of North America, however, most of Earth uses GSM. GSM BlackBerrys come out about a year in advance of their CDMA counterparts, but, seeing how most BlackBerry users (over 70%) are from North America and the majority of them are on CDMA networks, I don’t get why RIM makes such a large segment of it’s total user base wait so long to get new gear.

7. Too many frigging BlackBerry outages — I don’t know if the BlackBerry is becoming a victim of it’s own success, but, over the passed year or so, the number of major BlackBerry service outages has gone up dramatically. It seems like there is a major outage about every other month or so.

8. Way too many frigging BlackBerry outages — we know that we’ve already listed this, however, we hate continent wide BlackBerry outages so much that we decided to list this one a second time.

9. BlackBerry clock doesn’t automatically adjust to different time zones — I know that some BlackBerry users like that they have to manually change their time zone but I had cell phones back in the 90s that at least gave you the option to change time zones manually are have the network do it for you.

10. What do you hate about BlackBerrys? — We know that this list is going to differ from BlackBerry user to BlackBerry user so we will leave the tenth thing we hate about BlackBerrys to be discussed in the comments.

  • aberakkrombie

    effing long start ups

  • Galleria

    I HATE how my track ball ALWAYS gets stuck.

  • Vishnu Vijay

    No File Explorer & The Synchronization won’t take place if you are not connected to the internet even from your outlook! Ridiculous?

  • MoLo

    Blackberry SUCKS -__- i just got my blackberry nuked out of the blue ! and guess wat ? I can’t obtain my contacts cz BB stores them in the internal memory !!!!! D:< I put the memory card into another phone nd only the media files r present ! **** BB =( If only i can get my contacts back T^T then i will replace the damn BB with an IPHONE ^__^

  • Brittany

    My blackberry freezes up so much its not possible, and not to mention it will not read my memory card… and i know there are pictures in there because it used to read the card and now it wont… not to mention the ball in the first blackberry curve always gets dirty easy!

  • randy shumaker

    you just can’t trust that it’s going to be there when you need it. To many times I’ve sent important text and watched the red x pop up. I CANNOT wait for the next few months to be over so I can move up to a droid.

  • Evan

    I hate how it charges, why can’t I just make a call when its plugged into the charger, I get that Battery is too low for radio use BS! Can’t wait until I can get an Android phone, Blackberry’s are pathetic!!! Oh yeah and the Blackberry Storm is the worst phone every made!

  • Patrick Pepper

    I hate, hate, HATE Blackberry. Oh, it’s so goddamned up-it’s-own-ass pleased with itself, but, FFS, when I just want to add a contact /send a text/ MAKE_ A _SIMPLE_ PHONE_ CALL, etc, etc, etc, why doesn’t it JUST LET ME DO IT like any other normal phone?????

    LATEST example – I’ve just tried to dial my service provider to retrieve a voicemail. The number I needed to dial was 123. (The clue is in the word “dial”, folks at Blackberry) Now, you would think that the normal thing to do is dial 1, then dial 2, then dial 3 and then press the connect button, but not on Twatberry, oh no, of course not. It kept thinking I was searching my contact book for 123, gave me an ever-so-effing-helpful pop-up message saying “no contact found” and then disconnected the whole procedure.

    And before some smart-ass pleased-with-himself twat smirks “tracker ball” or “you need to use it as you would your PC” or some other such drivel at me that suggests they need to get a life, let me say that I tried everything to make sure I wasn’t in any application and get back to the home menu. But no, that wasn’t the problem, so nothing worked – and frankly, even if that HAD been the problem, I shouldn’t have to go through such crap JUST TO RETRIEVE A VOICEMAIL!!!

    Of course, quoting entry no.746 in the Official Book Of Blackberry Cliches, it’s meant for businesspeople, not us poor or’nary folk, so I shouldn’t have one of the things anyway, should I? Well, believe me, it’s not my choice, it’s what my office got me. Give me back a trusty Nokia anyday, if it was up to me, because amazingly enough Nokia understand what the word “phone” means. But guess what – most businesspeople are poor or’nary folk too. They want to be able to make calls or retrieve voicemails quickly and simply too, (time is money, folks, after all), by using that incredibly primitive method known as “pressing digits”. Dear me, what stupid notions we all have…

  • Bob Boying

    Because the BB 9630 Tour’s keying features have caused my hair to thin, this comment will be as succinct as possible. Since 1998 I’ve had a number of what were considered the “latest and greatest” phones. Sure a couple had their quirks but these quirks always allowed these phones to accomplished the tasks for which they were designed. Having said this, this is my first and last Blackberry! I hate this phone so much I’m going to prematurely cancel my current contract, an expensive option, to rid myself of it and the carrier I’ve had for 13 years.
    Okay more brevity, I’m on my 4th (factory reconditioned) replacement phone; there are features still unusable. I’m am now out of warranty and there is no way I’m utilizing my “upgrade discount” to buy a 4G Evo, and pretend the BB isn’t a miserable POS; of course renewing the contract with my uncooperative carrier is required.
    Shit track ball, web experience, even with a 3rd party browser, is unacceptable. Endless load “clocks”, multiple necessary battery pops (the sales guy told me this is fucking normal), ridiculously perilous OS upgrades (lost the whole phone; endlessly repeating upgrade-reboot cycle), horrible desk top app., lack of customizable menus/contact fields and incredibly, a totally insufficient manual. There are many more but I hate typing on this thing. BB’s popularity is inexplicable. Go die Mr. Blackberry.

  • Pradeep Nair

    I live in India. My BB developed the usual problem…stuck trackball. Logged on to the BB site and found the service provider. All the contact numbers listed in the website turned out to be WRONG! Took the address and landed up directly..to be informed that they charge $17 to clean it up and believe it…15 days to do the job! So much for customer care! Wow. Logged on to Youtube and found an easy way..just rub the trackball on a paper till it cleans up. I was considering replacing my BB with a newer model, now..no thanks..

  • Joe H

    The BB is the biggest piece of —- phone I ever owned. The browser is —-, The phone could be so great but it is crap. Right after the holidays Im smashing my BB with the biggest hammer I can find into the smallest pieces I can and I will do it with great joy and relief. I will NEVER own another crap Blackberry device as long as I live. Ive lost so many important messages and items because it is a worthless device!! Im going DROID or iPHONE and I hate Apple.

    • ?Bob Boying

      “Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?” I’m going out to kill my old Berry; uncaught exceptions, they’re just out of hand. (Sorry about the lame Hendrix parody). Anyway I am in exactly the same boat and thought it might provide some solace knowing, I too, will be grinding the worst phone I’ve ever owned under my boot heel, setting the scraps ablaze and probably, while laughing maniacally. Just can’t say enough disparaging things about my BB Tour. Good luck managing your blood pressure. Sympathies, Bob B. Boying

  • doesnt ping and proud!!!

    I actually fell into the sea of Blackberry users and boy did I get dragged down I was sick of getting that look of pity when asked for my bb pin and I didnt have one so decided to follow the tide!! Its a con I pay a monthly fee/bill for my phone I expected to ‘ping’ right away but noooo I gotta pay an extra 5£ per month on top of my line rental!!! I have been told everyone has to do this and the money goes to the ‘lovely’ people at Blackberry I asked whats so different about using the bb messenger only to be told “you get unlimited message use” erm…… I do anyway!!! Its called texting or a phone call or to be social theres facebook!! I think Im gonna stick to good old fashioned texting (just feel bad coz my hubby got the phone/contract for me) I think I will be the only person who doesnt ping!

  • GoldfishXXZile

    My pos blackberry 8330 freezes all the time too. I could sit here and ramble for hours about everything i hate about it (which is quite a list) but i wont waste your time, or my own. Just let it be known that no one should waste money or resources on these crappy phones, and you will be better off buying a rock, or a toy cell phone, or perhaps a keychain to keep in your pocket instead. You will get much more use out of it.

  • RCAM

    I’ve just bought a curve and it will not connect to Wi-Fi – so what is the point in it? It is called a smartphone – whatever that’s supposed to mean? What’s smart about it? It does nothing right. It’s just a jack of all trades, master of none type of phone. I’ve recently changed from a Nokia that cost 25 quid and its smarter than this piece of useless junk. Seriously, if Wi-fi and 3G doesn;t work then why have i forked out all this money. I thought it would be nice to check my emails through my phone etc, but clearly blackberrys don’t do that. I’m going back tomorrow with it, maybe exchange it for the HTC. And please, if anyone is reading this, don’t buy one!!!

  • milpez

    What I hate the most is how many times the ball tracker looses grip. But I have also experienced where the phone re boots three times in one day. Lastly the charger does not connect or make enough contact to be able to charge the phone. I have tried numerous chargers so its most def the phone.

  • Biker007

    I hate blackberrys! They are so stupid. The 8520 doesnt have a flash! N0t that it even has a great camera. Besides, for the price you pay, the features are shit!

  • Megan

    I agree. My Blackberry always freezes when I’m trying to upload pictures onto facebook from it. Then I have to restart my phone every time and its becoming very annoying, I’m not gonna lie. Blackberrys are supposed to be so high tech yet we all have the same problems?! I hate the fact that when your battery is low, it won’t let you do anything! I mean, what if I need to phone, or sms? And I’m not at home? Well, pretty screwed! And then not to mention that it doesn’t have friggin radio!! O.o what is that about? All phones have radio, but no not Blackberry! I’m starting to think that I made a mistake by choosing a Blackberry. Its very unreliable.

  • Colin

    I’ve just written about my ongoing frustration with Orange (UK) and Blackberry about their lamentable Curve 8520. http://actorvist.blogspot.com/

  • Ihatebb

    Yes,stupid Blackbery.I hate its name.Why require BIS or stupid plan?Why good apps only work with plan,not wifi?Why no update for the phone I bought just a month ago?Shit,moron

  • George

    I´m a BB user and I would say that… maybe…. the only good thing on BB is the chat, which is still “practical”, but no more. The OS is pathetic, the blackberry app world has freezed my 8900 three times, and I had to reinstall that pathetic OS…. three times. 

  • George

    I´m a BB user and I would say that… maybe…. the only good thing on BB is the chat, which is still “practical”, but no more. The OS is pathetic, the blackberry app world has freezed my 8900 three times, and I had to reinstall that pathetic OS…. three times. 

  • Edison Orellana

    I can’t even begin to discuss everything I hate about blackberries. I should just say that most recently verizon signed a deal with microsoft that they would provide bing as the default and the only search provider that you can use for the internet go to page. That is an absolute outrage. It shows how bb and rim and verizon don’t have any regard for the end user. It is a slap in the face. By doing this they are saying that they could care less about what the customer wants and they will continue with their own business plans as they want them.

  • Davidmgaunt

    I have a Nokia E6 with Symbian Anna….it’s fantastic…..

  • Anonymous

    Hate Blackberry and will NEVER use one again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My problematic Curve is not even a year old. Droid here I come. RIM has given me the worst experiences I ever had with a phone!!!!!!

  • Raul

    App Error 523 that will make your life living hell.

  • http://twitter.com/HorridBabyNames Horrid Baby Names

    I hated mine. The freezing. The lagging. The lack of apps. I ditched it and went to iPhone. Follow me on Twitter for awful baby names every Monday through Friday!

  • uncle nasty

    Stupid tiny keypad, pathetic screen for browsing and horrible provded extras. I may be over 40 but my eyesight isnt that bad, and I dont have sausage fingers.
    On the plus point, I found mine on the side of the road, obviously thrown there by the previous owner!!

  • Kristi

    All these complaints are quite long ago… My BlackBerry spontaneously stops working, no matter what I press, the light thingy flashes red and the screen stays black. Then I have to take out the battery to get it to do anything. Awful phone. Don’t know why I got one!!!!