Check out the BlackBerry 10 global launch video…

If you head over to the updated BlackBerry YouTube channel you will find a plethora of new videos showing off the new BlackBerry 10 operating system…

10k Reasons to Believe in BlackBerry for Developers

I recently ran across this nice little video that was being played at Jam Americas in San Jose and thought I would post here om RIMarkable.  As you know RIM has been doing a lot to get developers on board with BB10 and the movement continues.

I had several conversations with developers at Jam America’s and the overall feedback was nothing but positive about what RIM is doing for the developers community.

If you are a developer and would like more information on what RIM has to offer , check out


Lounging at The Jam With BlackBerry Hank

I had a great opportunity to meet some really good people at BlackBerry Jam Americas, San Jose, this past week. Getting the chance to build those relationships and gather contacts at events like these are also important to your professional growth and will do wonders for whatever career path you choose.

I never knew just how important social media platform’s like Twitter and YouTube were until this past week at BlackBerry Jam. From Facebook to Linkedin and everything in between, social media can take you places and put you in contact with the right people.

Check out my interview with the folks from, Go RIMarkable!


[Video] BlackBerry World 2012 General Session Keynote

[YouTube Link for mobile viewing]

If you weren’t able to make it down to Orlando for BlackBerry World 2012, or, missed the live webcast, video of the General Session keynote is now available online.

The video is just shy of 40 minutes long, but, well worth the watch if you are truly interested in the direction Research in Motion and the BlackBerry are headed.

Video: BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek

[YouTube Link for Mobile Viewing]

I’ve got to admit, the predictive text on the BlackBerry Dev Alpha virtual keyboard looks really cool…

Foursquare for BlackBerry Update Adds NFC Support

For all of you BlackBerry users that like to “Check-In” using Foursquare, you’ll be happy to know that Foursquare for BlackBerry has been updated to version 3.9 and now includes NFC support.

The new NFC feature will allow you to check-in to a venue simply by tapping your BlackBerry with an NFC chip.  Not sure where you can actually do this in the real world, but, here is what it will look like when you do…

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What Do You Think of RIM’s Be Bold Campaign?

[YouTube Link for Mobile Viewing]

Is it just me, or does RIM’s marketing team have a thing for DJs and musicians…

Video of a Rooted BlackBerry PlayBook

We let you know yesterday that the BlackBerry PlayBook had been rooted, and, today we’ve  got a video of a rooted BlackBerry PlayBook in action.

[YouTube Link for mobile viewing]

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AT&T’s latest BlackBerry Commercial is hilarious…

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I not a huge fan of AT&T, but, their latest BlackBerry commercial is pretty funny…