BlackBerry Falls To Number 2 In U.S. Smartphone Market Share

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry no longer sits atop the U.S. smartphone market share hill as it has been knocked down a spot to number two by the iPhone according to Nielsen’s numbers for October 2010. The iPhone has moved up to 27.9% share while the BlackBerry has moved down to 27.5%. Both RIM and Apple, however, lost share to Android who moved up to 22.7% with no sign of slowing down.

Perhaps a bigger issue for Research in Motion and the BlackBerry than its statistical dead heat with the iPhone is that feature phone owners looking to upgrade to a smartphone don’t want BlackBerry devices. Only 11% plan to get a BlackBerry compared to 28% wanting Android devices and 25% wanting iPhones. What may even be more alarming for RIM is that existing BlackBerry users don’t even really want new BlackBerry devices with only 15% looking to get a new BlackBerry.


BlackBerry To Maintain Top Spot Among Smartphones Until 2015

Despite the onslaught of rival smartphones like the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7,  Research in Motion will maintain the top spot when it comes to worldwide market share until 2015, according to a study from ABI Research.

The study found that RIM will lose market share by 2015. The research firm expects RIM’s BlackBerry to maintain 26% of the mobile operating system world market by 2015, matched by Google’s Android OS with 26%. Nokia’s Symbian OS will take 16%, Microsoft Windows OS 11% and Apple iOS 14%.

What do you think?  If RIM continues to lose share as fast as they have for last two quarters they will lose their spot atop the smartphone market share hill much sooner than 2015.  Can RIM do enough to hold their competitors off for the next 4 years or so?  Time will certainly tell…


BlackBerry Still #1, But, Android Is Coming On Strong

When it comes to smartphone market share in the United States, the BlackBerry is still king of the hill according to a recent report by comScore, however, Android is coming on strong.

For the three month period ending Feb. 10, RIM’s percentage of market share was 42.1%, up 1.3% from the same period a year earlier.  Android is still just a fraction of the total smartphone market at 9%, however, they were the only other platform to actually increase share, up 5.2%  year over year.  Apple remained relatively flat, down 0.1%, and Palm and Microsoft lost share, with -1.8% and -4.0% drops year over year.

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