BlackBerry PlayBook May Have Exceeded First Day Sales Expectations

Even though initial reviews of the BlackBerry PlayBook were primarily just lukewarm, RBC Capital Markets General Manager Mike Abramsky said that first day sales of the device likely exceeded analyst expectations.  In a note to investors, Abramsky said that Research in Motion may have moved as many as 50,000 units on the first day and may have  exceeded first day sales of the Motorola Xoom and even the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Abramsky expects the BlackBerry PlayBook to ship over 500,000 units in its first quarter of availability…

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Can The BlackBerry PlayBook Be The Number Two Tablet In 2011?

In case you haven’t heard, Research in Motion has finally officially announced availability for the long awaited, highly anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM’s first foray into the world of tablet devices is set launch on April 19th and is available for pre-order at Best Buy. I just placed my order for the $499 16GB model, and, I am sure that many other BlackBerry enthusiasts are doing the same. The question for RIM, however, is can the BlackBerry PlayBook compete with all the competition and become the number two tablet on the market to the iPad in its first year?

Why strive to play second fiddle to Apple and the iPad 2?  To put it bluntly, being second to Apple, and, a distant second at that, is about the best that RIM and every other tablet manufacturer could really hope for in 2011. Apple has probably already sold more iPad 2 devices since it launched a couple of weeks ago than will RIM BlackBerry PlayBook devices all year.  This will most definitely be the case by the time that the PlayBook ships.  That being said, the game being played is for second place, and, if RIM can pull that off the BlackBerry PlayBook would we be considered a huge success.

Can RIM, in a little more than 8 months, sell enough BlackBerry PlayBook devices to move into the number 2 spot?  I think the chances would have been a bit better if the PlayBook had launched before the the Motorola Xoom and the iPad 2.  If, however, the BlackBerry PlayBook  is as good as many reviewers are saying it is, it may actually have a real shot.  I think that it is going to come down to the user friendliness of the the QNX based OS, a large number of raving reviews,  a ridiculous BlackBerry PlayBook  marketing campaign, and support for Android apps sooner rather than later.

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  • Chris has another costly horror story
  • Rod gets the iPad 2
  • Chris Gets the ViewSonic ViewPad 10

Does Apple Care about their customers

  • Rod talks about the line for the iPad 2
  • Brent believes Apple does not care about their customers

Netflix may see competition from Facebook video streaming

  • Rod says that Facebook could really hurt Netflix
  • Chris and Brent agree
  • Robb is wondering if Facebook’s plan to take over the internet from Google

Pwn2Own takes usually victims

  • Safari and Microsoft IE 8 taken first
  • Windows Phone 7 and Google Chrome have no takers
  • Brent talks about running virus software on his Android phone

We talk about Google and Microsoft news

  • We talk about Google Maps new feature
  • Windows Phone 7 Hits 10,000 apps

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