RIM In Talks With Hulu To Bring Hulu Plus To The BlackBerry PlayBook

If you happened to get a BlackBerry PlayBook on April 19th, the day Research in Motion’s first tablet computing device launched, you may have noticed that Hulu actually worked on the device.  The BlackBerry PlayBook has a full fidelity web browser that supports Flash, so, there was no technical reason that Hulu wouldn’t run on the PlayBook similarly to the way that it runs on your desktop web browsers.  This was the case at least until Hulu blocked its popular video viewing service from the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Well, those of you that really want to watch Hulu on your Playbook, RIM is working on a deal with Hulu that may bring Hulu Plus to the BlackBerry PlayBook.  Hulu Plus is Hulu’s premium service that works on non PC devices like the iPhone, iPad, Sony Bravia TVs, eventually Android Devices, and the odds are good that if you are willing to shell out the $7.99 per month for Hulu Plus, BlackBerry PlayBook users will get access to it as well.

[Via Yahoo!]