HootSuite For BlackBerry Updated With Facebook Events, Twitter Lists, And More

HootSuite for BlackBerry, a free social media app (read Facebook / Twitter client) for the BlackBerry has been updated to version 0.6.31.

New HootSuite for BlackBerry features include:

  • Facebook Search streams – Search all public status updates for your brand or keyword, then save in a stream to track
  • Facebook Events stream – Keep track of event invitations, manage your RSVPs, and view the guest list and attendee status
  • Twitter List management – Create or view lists, add or remove people, see who’s listed you, and add lists as a permanent stream

You can download HootSuite for BlackBerry v0.6.31 OTA from the link below.

HootSuite for BlackBerry v0.6.31

7 BlackBerry Twitter Clients To Try While UberTwitter Is Suspended

We figure that with UberTwitter being suspended, millions of BlackBerry users will be looking for another Twitter client to use on their device.  If you happen to be one of those poor souls, we hope this list will make your search for a new BlackBerry Twitter client go a bit more quickly.

Here is our list of 7 BlackBerry Twitter clients to use while UberTwitter is suspended:

  1. Twitter for BlackBerry — This is the official BlackBerry Twitter client and I recommend installing it no matter what third party Twitter client you use.  It can definitely get you by in times like these.
  2. SocialScope — I believe that SocialScope is in infinite closed beta, but, if you can get an invite, you may never even go back to UberTwitter.
  3. Seesmic for BlackBerry — We’ve only talked about Seesmic for BlackBerry a few times, but, Mac users seem to swear by it.
  4. HootSuite for BlackBerryHootSuite is kind of cool because, like SocialScope, it connects to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  5. TweetGenius — Haven’t really heard anything bad about TweetGenius other than it cost $8.
  6. TwiXtreme –  We talked about TwiXtreme when it first came out, but, not since.  Maybe we should go back and check it out again.
  7. OpeanBeak — I honestly haven’t messed around with OpeanBeak since they changed the name from TwitterBerry.

For every third party BlackBerry Twitter client that I’ve put on this list, I’ve probably left 2 or 3 off.  If you can think of a good Twitter client (updated in the last year or so) drop us a line in the comments.

Hootsuite For BlackBerry Images Released

It was just over a month ago we let you know that HootSuite for BlackBerry was going into private beta and now that the beta is underway,  images of the application have made their way on to the web.  As those of you that use Hootsuite know, the application is much more than just a Twitter/Facebook client, but, more of a social media dashboard.  From the look of the screen shots, Hootsuite for BlackBerry will be as well.

Hootsuite for BlackBerry is still in closed beta, however, you can sign up here to try to get in one they open it up to more users.


HootBerry Is On The Way: HootSuite Twitter Client Coming To The BlackBerry

According to the HootSuite webpage, BlackBerry users can “‘almost rejoice”.  HootSuite for BlackBerry, or, HootBerry as it is often referred to, is almost ready for beta.

HootSuite is a browser based Twitter client insanely popular with iPhone users.  BlackBerry users have been asking for a HootBerry client for some time and it looks like there wish is about to come true.

Sign up to get into the HootBerry Beta here