T-Mobile has started rolling out BlackBerry 10.1 OTA to BlackBerry Z10 owners…

There have been a lot of rumors about BlackBerry 10.1 for the T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 floating around for several weeks, however, it does look like the official update is now available OTA.

If you were one of the adventurous types and installed a leaked build you may have to revert back to your original factory OS as you won’t see the OTA update if your leaked build is a higher version then the official release.

BlackBerry 10.1, at the time of this posting, hasn’t shown up on BlackBerry Link, so, updating OTA is the only way for now.

The full change log can be found on the T-Mobile website…

How To Take Screen Shots On The BlackBerry Z10

Every modern day smartphone should have the ability to take screen shots and it is nice to see that the BlackBerry added this feature to the BlackBerry Z10.

To take screenshots, all you have to do is press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down button at the same time. If done properly, you will hear the normal camera click sound, see the screen flash, and, a 1280×768 .png image will be created.

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Unboxing The BlackBerry Z10 And First Impressions

AT&T has sent us the BlackBerry Z10, and, as promised, I am going to put down my Windows Phone and use the Z10 for the next two weeks.

The device officially releases tomorrow, so, we decided to give you a tour of what is in the box as well as why we feel from a hardware standpoint, many people will really like the Z10.

From the awesome feel in your hand, to the gestures that are used to operate the phone I think BlackBerry made a good start to hopefully recovering some of the “coolness” factor that RIM has lost.

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Sprint To Be The Only Major U.S. Carrier Not To Carry The BlackBerry Z10

Sprint, the third largest wireless carrier in the United States, has decided to take pass on the new BlackBerry Z10.

Sprint spokesman, Mark Elliott, says the company will wait on the BlackBerry Q10 which sports a physical qwerty keyboard in addition to a smaller touchscreen.

“We aren’t saying there’s anything different about our customers,” Elliott said. “We think our customers will be happy with the qwerty keyboard and touch screen on the Q10.”

BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, believes that touchscreen BlackBerry devices will outsell keyboard models by three to one, so, one has to wonder if Sprint’s passing on the the 4.2 inch Z10 has anything to do with the company’s deal with Apple to sell iPhones.

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Will You Buy A BlackBerry 10 Device?

We’ve seen a lot of reviews of BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 since its launch at the beginning of February, and, for the most part, reviews have been pretty favorable of BlackBerry’s next generation OS.

The big question for BlackBerry, however,  is whether or not  businesses and consumers will actually go out and buy BlackBerry 10 devices.

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