UberSocial for BlackBerry updated to version v1.3

UberSocial for BlackBerry, arguably the most popular third-party Twitter client for the BlackBerry, has been updated to version 1.3 and is now available for download.

UberSocial for BlackBerry v1.3 features:

  • Integrated with BBM, you can now set your BBM status or personal message to your last tweet, requires BlackBerry OS version 5.0 or higher.
  • You can save and restore draft tweets from the compose screen.
  • Reworked the login mechanism with Twitter to avoid some issues.
  • Added the ability to turn off the global ‘Uber Tweet’ menu item
  • Fixed bug in mypict.me upload which could cause the app to lock up.
  • Fixed bug in keyword muting where you couldn’t include a ‘#’ at the beginning of the keyword.
  • Fixed bug where UberChannel background images were getting their corners rounded.
  • Changed the link color in the red and pink themes to be more readable

To download UberSocial for BlackBerry v1.3, visit the UberSocial for BlackBerry download page from your device and select the appropriate version for your BlackBerry.

UberTwitter Updated To Version 1.114

UberTwitter has released version 1.114, which, addresses quite a few bug fixes including:

  • Detection and reconnection to Facebook prior to sending a tweet
  • Facebook send error detection Much better detection of errors and reporting to the user if the post to facebook fails
  • Manual refresh Fixed a bug where selecting ‘refresh’ from the menu didn’t always kick off a refresh
  • Timeline not refreshing Fixed a bug where the timeline would not refresh and large amounts of CPU would be used causing battery drain

Download UberTwitter 1.114

UberTwitter 1.0 Has Officially Been Released

UberTwitter has just announced that UberTwitter 1.0 has just been officially released after a long 18 month beta period.

Version 1.0 is now available for download! Yes, you read that right, we’re out of beta. After almost 18 months of reading and responding to over ten thousand emails, and using what we learned to direct and refine the feature set, the most popular Twitter client is now at version 1.0. The headline feature in this release is Facebook integration, of course we could have brought you the same integration that everyone else has, simple echoing your tweet text to Facebook, but no, we wanted your posts from ÜberTwitter to be first class citizens in your Facebook stream, complete with rich media previews for pictures and location. Über posts if you will! We think you’ll really like this feature!

You can download UberTwitter 1.0 at the link below:

Download UberTwitter 1.0:  http://www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php

HootSuite BlackBerry Updated To Version 0.3.11 With Bug Fixes Galore

Hootsuite BlackBerry hasn’t necessarily gotten off to the greatest starts since it’s October 18th release having already had 2 updates since coming out.  HootSuite BlackBerry, has, once again, been upgraded, thiis time to HootSuite BlackBerry version 0.3.11.   Find change logs for all three HootSuite BlackBerry updates after the jump…

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3rd Party BlackBerry Twitter Client UberTwitter Updated With New Map Options

We just heard that UberTwitter Beta 9 Release 2 is now available.  The major change in this version is the switch away from Google maps and to the choice of either BlackBerry Maps or MapQuest.  UberTwitter hopes to bring Google Maps back in future release as well as add support for Bing Maps.

UberTwitter Beta 9 Release 2 change log:

  • Map Provider Allow users to select either MapQuest (default) or BlackBerry maps to display users locations.
  • User action to retrieve a map You now have to click the ‘Retrieve Map’ button after opening a tweet in order for the map to be retrieved. This will result in substantially lower bandwidth requirements and improved battery life.
  • UberChannel date display bug fix Fixed a bug where tweets in UberChannel streams had the date incorrectly displayed.
  • Resetting tweets to retrieve bug Fixed bug where on an upgrade the number of tweets to retrieve would reset to 60.
  • Highlight color in Midnight Theme bubble layout The highlight color in the Midnight theme when using the bubble layout is now much easier to discern.
  • Text Ad color We changed the color of the text ads to conform to the them colors. The ads are still clearly marked as an advertisement.
  • GPS Radio Activation The GPS radio will now only be activated when you open the compose tweet screen IF you have selected to use the GPS radio to determine location. This should greatly reduce battery drain, but may result in the location mechanism falling back to the cell tower method on some occassions.

Download UberTwitter Beta 9 Release 2


SocialScope Updated And Opening Up Invites

I don’t talk about SocialScope, the third party Twitter/Facebook client for BlackBerry that has been in beta longer than most Google services, all that often simply because it is so hard for most BlackBerry users to get.  SocialScope is in closed beta and has been since December of 2008.

That being said, SocialScope has been updated and more Social Scope invites are coming later this week.  If you use Facebook and/or Twitter, stop what you are doing, head over to http://www.socialscope.net, and sign up for an invite into the private beta.  I can’t promise that you will get in, however, if you do, you will get to tinker around with arguably the best BlackBerry Facebook client I’ve ever seen.  The Twitter capabilities aren’t too shabby either…

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Seesmic For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.4 Now With Native Profile Integration And Improved UI

UberTwitter wasn’t the only BlackBerry Twitter client recently updated.  Seesmic for BlackBerry, a favorite Twitter client amongst desktop users, has been updated to version 1.4 with an improved user interface and now includes native profile integration for notifications.

New Seesmic for BlackBerry features include:

  • Sound profile notifications available in the BlackBerry “Sounds” app
  • Support of Ping.fm groups
  • Notifications for new tweets, new replies and new direct messages
  • Improved User Interface
  • Picture thumbnails now displayed in the “Pictures” folder of the file explorer
  • Use of XAuth with Twitter for more security

Seesmic for BlackBerry 1.4 is a free BlackBerry download.  You can pick it up on BlackBerry App World, or, download it OTA via the following link:  http://m.seesmic.com/

UberTwitter Beta 8 Now Available

We know that we are a little late on this one, however, UberTwitter Beta 8 was released last Thursday and is now available for download.  You can pick it up on BlackBerry App World download it OTA to your device via the following link:  http://www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php.

For those of you not already familiar with UberTwitter, it is arguably the most popular thrid party Twitter client for the BlackBerry.  Head after the jump for a list of the features and capabilities that are new to this release…

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Will The BlackBerry Twitter Client Social Scope Ever Come Out Of Beta?

When it comes to BlackBerry Twitter clients, there certainly is no shortage of options for you to choose from.  Unfortunately, however, the BlackBerry Twitter client considered by many to be the best, Social Scope, has been in closed beta for what seems like the past couple of years and a production release, or, even an open beta available to whomever wishes to download it is no where in sight.

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HootBerry Is On The Way: HootSuite Twitter Client Coming To The BlackBerry

According to the HootSuite webpage, BlackBerry users can “‘almost rejoice”.  HootSuite for BlackBerry, or, HootBerry as it is often referred to, is almost ready for beta.

HootSuite is a browser based Twitter client insanely popular with iPhone users.  BlackBerry users have been asking for a HootBerry client for some time and it looks like there wish is about to come true.

Sign up to get into the HootBerry Beta here