BlackBerry 10 is Doing a Little Better Than Many Thought It Would

Last week a co-worker that currently uses a BlackBerry Torch asked me how BlackBerry 10 was doing and if I thought he should move to BlackBerry Q10, or, finally switch to Android or the iPhone.

After thinking about it, I had to admit that BlackBerry 10 is doing a little better than many, including myself, thought it would.

It looks like RBC analyst, Mark Sue feels the same way as he has raised his firm’s estimates on BlackBerry 10 shipments from 11 million  by the end of the year to 14 million and has expressed optimism that “near-term profitability looks attainable.”

Now, 14 million BlackBerry 10 devices shipped in it’s first 11 months doesn’t quite compare with 5 million iPhone 5 devices sold in it’s first 3 days or 10 million Samsung Galaxy S4s  sold in 28 days, but, it is a big enough number to keep it in a conversation about third place right along with Windows Phone.

[Via Financial Post]

BlackBerry 10 Browser Tip How To Increase The Font Size

If the default font size is too small for you in the BlackBerry 10 browser, you can increase it in the settings panel. After using the BlackBerry Z10 for a few days I find myself getting a bit more acclimated to the user interface however not without a few tweaks including the browser font size and thankfully changing it is pretty simple.

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BlackBerry Hank Arrives at BlackBerry Jam Americas!

Well folks, I have finally arrived in San Jose, California for BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012.

I had a nice flight on Southwest Airlines(no bag fee’s), a driver was waiting for me at Baggage claim(with my name sign), and I’m all checked in at the San Jose Marriott and can see the San Jose Convention Center outside my room window.

I am very excited for this event…  Not only will I get to meet some top-level RIM exec’s, I will also get a very, very close look at BlackBerry 10.

I have been invited to several special events through the week, and, will provide the RIMarkable family as much info as I can on BB10 hardware and software.

The hot topic right now for BB10 is apps at launch…  Will they have enough apps to capture the consumers attention?

Trust me folks when I say that Blackerry 10 will not be disappointing to consumers.

We are going to put up video and blog posts daily, so, be sure to check back at to see all the goings on at BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012…


The Race for Third Place: It’s Not Android or iOS, But, Windows Phone That BlackBerry 10 is Competing With

The Roman Empire was not built in a day.

The same can be said for Research in Motion when it was on top, Apple and iOS when the iPhone reached number one, and, Android now that it is top dog.  It took years for each of these platforms to best their competition and become the number one selling smartphone operating system.

I know that there is a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding the release of BlackBerry 10 in Q1 next year, however, I have to admit that I am hearing some pretty lofty goals from die-hard BlackBerry fans that, even if BlackBerry 10 is to Android and iOS what Android and iOS are to the current BlackBerry OS, simply have no chance of coming true…

To make it plain, BlackBerry 10 will not take out iOS, Android, or Windows Phone no matter how good it is.  BlackBerry 10 has no shot at besting the iPhone or Android and will have it’s hands full competing with Windows Phone for 3rd place.

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Video: The Leaks Keep Coming for BlackBerry10!

By video, pictures, blogs, twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google Plus, Vimeo, YouTube, and just about all social media platforms, the leaks continue to come for BlackBerry10.

This is only a plus for BlackBerry because the myth is now starting to become a reality and eyes are opening to what could be something special and a much-needed change in this current market.

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Register now for BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012!

Registration for BlackBerry® Jam Americas 2012 is now open!  I personally will be attending this event and am quite excited to see what RIM has in store for BlackBerry 10.  Register before August 31,2012 and get the early bird rate at $449, any time after that the rate will be $599.  Is it worth it?  I would say yes most definitely it’s worth it!

What’s included in the pass?

  • Access to the BlackBerry Jam Americas Keynote and Super Sessions
  • Access to breakout sessions, Lab sessions and Ask The Experts
  • Admission to the BlackBerry Jam Appreciation Event
  • Admission to the BlackBerry Jam Space during open hours, Tuesday – Thursday
  • Breakfast, breaks and lunch, Tuesday – Thursday
  • Complimentary access to Conference Wi-Fi® internet in the conference center
  • Access to the online portal for conference content
  • Registration gift
Register HERE and for more info.

BlackBerry 10 Success May Be A Long Shot At Best…

There is no question that Research in Motion is “all in” when it comes to its next-generation BlackBerry 10 operating system.

BlackBerry 10 must be a huge hit for RIM to have any shot of turning things and remaining a viable handset maker as we know the company today.

Unfortunately for RIM, BlackBerry 10 success only provides RIM a shot at turning things around…  There is no guarantee, and, from the way things are trending lately, that shot may be a long shot in the dark at best…

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BlackBerry 10 Superphones Will Have Keyboards… Just Not The First One

A concern of many die-hard Blackberry users was that Research in Motion was going to do away with the keyboard on BlackBerry 10 Superphones.

Those concerns, however, were put to rest as RIM’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, stated during his keynote at BlackBerry World that RIM aim’s to take some of the advancements RIM has made with its virtual keyboard and apply them to new devices with physical keyboards.

To further drive the point home that RIM isn’t abandoning physical keyboards, a RIM spokesperson confirmed with Phonescoop that while the first BlackBerry 10 device might have only a virtual keyboard, future BlackBerry 10 devices will have virtual as well as physical keyboards.

[Via PhoneScoop]

First BlackBerry 10 Superphone Could Come As Soon As October…

According to a report by N4BB, the first BlackBerry 10 Superphone could be announced be officially in August and go on sale as early as the first half of October.

Sources state that the first BlackBerry 10 Superphone will, indeed, be touch screen only is indicated in leaked images of the device that came out back in February.

A BlackBerry 10 Superphone with a keyboard is expected in Q1 2013, but, it is not known if this is will be a slider, or, a device similar to the BlackBerry Bold 99xx…

[Via N4BB]

Why Saving The BlackBerry And Saving RIM Aren’t Necessarily The Same Thing

I am often asked the question, “What can RIM do to get the BlackBerry back on top?”

To be totally honest , I don’t know that there is anything, realistically speaking, that RIM could do to regain the crown of top smartphone in the foreseeable future.

As a matter of fact, a potential bright future for Research in Motion could be one where the BlackBerry doesn’t even play a significant role in getting things turned around.

A lot of people, many industry analysts included, believe that Research in Motion exists as a company because of the BlackBerry.  What actually is true is that Research in Motion is the company that manufactures the BlackBerry and does a list of other things that generate tremendous revenue for the company with far greater margins.

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