A FREE version of BeWeather (BerryWeather) now available

BeWeather, formerly known as BerryWeather, has been updated to v2.6.1, and BellShare, the company behind arguably the best BlackBerry weather application of all time, is now offering a free version of the software in Blackberry App World.

Download BeWeather Free or BeWeather from BlackBerry App World…

10 Of The Greatest BlackBerry Applications Of All Time

Word on the street is that BlackBerry devices have been flying off of the shelves in droves since the official start of the holiday shopping season last week, and, one thing that we know folks with new BlackBerry devices like to do is load them up with great BlackBerry applications.  That being said, here is our list of, in no specific order, 10 of the greatest BlackBerry applications of all time.

  1. Google Maps —  You will be hard pressed to find any type of top ten BlackBerry apps list that doesn’t contain Google Maps.  We know that the native BlackBerry Maps has been recently updated, but, Google Maps is simply an application every BlackBerry user should download.
    Download Google Maps: http://m.google.com/maps
  2. PoyntPoynt is one of those all-in-one location based search utilities that help you find just about anything that you are looking for locally at the click of a button and it recently one the BlackBerry Super Apps Developer Challenge.
    Download Poynt for BlackBerry:  http://m/poynt.com
  3. Tether —  Tether allows you to use your BlackBerry as a broadband modem so that you can get your laptop (PC or Mac) onto the internet without incurring a monthly fee from your carrier.  This app is awesome…
    Download Tether:  http://www.tetherforblackberry.com
  4. Pandora — There is a lot of debate when it comes to the best Internet radio app available for the BlackBerry, however, Pandora is always in the discussion.  It simply works and it’s free.
    Download Pandora:  http://www.pandora.com/blackberry
  5. BlackBerry Messenger —  BlackBerry Messenger is, hands down, the best mobile Instant Messaging application available on any device.  There are people who buy BlackBerry devices stating, “I want that phone that I can do BBM on”…  BlackBerry Messenger may actually be the greatest BlackBerry application of all time.
    Download BlackBerry Messenger:  http://www.blackberry.com/bbm
  6. Facebook for BlackBerry —  I know that a lot of people will question Facebook for BlackBerry making a greatest BlackBerry applications list, but, it hard to leave off the single most downloaded BlackBerry application of all time.
    Download Facebook for BlackBerry -- http://www.blakberry.com/facebook
  7. WorldMate —  If you are anything close to a road warrior and many BlackBerry users are, WorldMate is must install application. Even if you only travel occasionally, WorldMate is a BlackBerry app you may want to check out.  With over 5 million road warriors using the app, WorldMate is the best travel assistant that I’ve ever seen.
    Download WorldMate:  http://www.rimarkable.com/worldmate_live
  8. SocialScope —  Although SocialScope has been in the longest private beta that I have ever seen, over two years, it is widely regarded as the best 3rd party Twitter/Facebook client available on the BlackBerry.
    Download SocialScope:  http://www1.getsocialscope.com/
  9. BerryWeather — When it comes to weather applications for the BlackBerry, BerryWeather, a.k.a. BeWeather on BlackBerry App World, stands above the rest.  BerryWeather offers instant access to current conditions plus detailed 7-day and 24-hour forecasts for over 72.000 locations worldwide.
    Download BerryWeather:  http://www.rimarkable.com/berryweather
  10. BerryBuzz — BerryBuzz is a BlackBerry alerts and notifications application on steroids giving you the ability to create custom led colors for almost any event, set repeating alarms, and even vibrate and ring  simultaneously when you get incoming calls.
    Download BerryBuzz:  http://www.rimarkable.com/berrybuzz_download

Deal Of The Day: BerryWeather 50% Off In The RIMarkable Store

We’ve got a good Deal of the Day for you today.  BerryWeather, arguably the best weather application available for the BlackBerry, is just $4.97, 50% off the regular price.

BerryWeather is a visually stunning weather application for your BlackBerry smartphone.  Get instant access to current conditions plus detailed 7-day and 24-hour forecasts for over 72.000 locations worldwide. Get weather advisories and alerts for any location within the U.S.  Keep up to 10 locations at the same time and switch between them with a flick of the trackball (or on the Storm, your finger swipe!).

BerrWeather does offer a Free Trial, so, head over to the RIMarkable Store and check it out for yourself.  Just remeber that, if you like BerryWeather, the 50% off Deal of the Day pricing is for today, Sept 7th only.

Download BerryWeather for $4.97

BerryWeather Releases Free “Lite” Version On BlackBerry App World: BeWeather

We just heard that Bellshare GmbH, makers of BerryWether, have just released a free, slimmed down version of their best selling premium BlackBerry application.

BeWeather Free includes the following features:

  • AD FREE!
  • Current conditions including “Feels like” temperature, wind, pressure, dew point, humidity.
  • 5-day forecast with high/low temperature and precipitation probability
  • Easily switch between 2 different views  Today with Daily Forecast and Compact Daily
  • Customizable homescreen icon showing current conditions

Needless to say, the full version of BerryWeather has signficantly more features than BeWeather, however, BeWhether works well, looks nice, and is, of course free.  I’ll be sticking with WeatherBug on my BlackBerry Storm, but, if you’re looking for a decent, free weather application for your BlackBerry that doesn’t have ads, BeWeather may be worth checking out.

Download BeWeather Free on BlackBerry App World