Video: See How Android Apps Run On The BlackBerry PlayBook Via The Android App Player

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One of the really cool things that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be able to run Android applications once the Android App Player comes out later this summer. Check out a first-hand demonstration of the Android App Player by Nedim, Senior Director, Architecture at RIM.
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Will Android App Support Hinder Native BlackBerry PlayBook App Development?

The BlackBerry PlayBook is now available, first day sales of the device appear to have exceeded expectations, and, hopefully sooner rather than later, the BlackBerry PlayBook will gain support for Android Apps.  Could, however, that very support for Android applications hinder native BlackBerry PlayBook application development which is sorely needed?

Both iOS and Android have tens of thousands of apps available for tablets that run their respective operating systems.  The BlackBerry PlayBook has about 3000 apps, and, from what I have seen so far, the percentage of those 3000 apps that are actually worth the time it takes to download and install is about the same as its competitors.  The BlackBerry PlayBook will eventually run Android Apps addressing the ‘shortage’ of apps the currently befalls the PlayBook, but, running another platforms applications creates a whole new set of problems for RIM…

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RIM Explains The Benefits Of Android Application Support On The BlackBerry PlayBook

Chances are that you have heard by now that RIM officially announced that Android application support is coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook by way of an ‘application player’ which is supposed to be available sometime this summer.  As a follow-up to this announcement, Jim Tobin, SVP, Software Services & Enterprise Markets, wrote a blog post explaining the benefits to consumers and developers of RIM’s expanded app ecosystem which will also include an ‘application player’ for supported BlackBerry JDE apps which will be released shortly after the Android ‘application player’.

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BlackBerry PlayBook May Get Native Android App Support By 2nd Half 2011

Just a couple of weeks ago the blogosphere was buzzing with rumors that Research in Motion may allow Android apps to run on the BlackBerry PlayBook.  It was then thought that RIM would use the Dalvik Virtual Machine, the same one used in Android which would allow Android Apps to run in QNX.  BusinessWeek sources, however, state that RIM will develop the software that will allow Android apps to run on the PlayBook in-house and that it may be ready by the second half of this year.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based company aims to make the PlayBook stand out against Apple Inc.’s iPad and a rising number of competing devices. By offering a tablet with the security and messaging of BlackBerry smartphones and the wide choice of Android apps, RIM may be able to woo customers who would otherwise opt for alternative devices, said Chetan Sharma, an independent wireless analyst in Issaquah, Washington.

Research in Motion declined to comment on it’s plans for Android application execution, however, a company representative did say that the PlayBook will launch in Q1.

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