T-Mobile Laucnhing Free BlackBerry Trackball Replacement Program

Beginning Feb. 15th, T0Mobile is launching a Free BlackBerry Trackball Replacement program where any BlackBerry Pearl 8100/8120  or BlackBerry Curve 8320 users experience issues with their trackball on devices purchase from T-Mobile can take their device into a T-Mobile store and have their trackball replaced for free.

As many of you older trackball bearing BlackBerry users know, these things get gummed up over time, especially if you tend to carry your device around in your pocket or purse.  Our hats go off to T-Mobile for offering this service.

[Via TmoNews]


  1. zachary noble says

    sprint has this too, it’s called a full service store with a repair center.. Idk about other locations around the company but every employee at my store can take out and replace a trackball.. At the least

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