T-Mobile Germany Launches The BlackBerry Bold

Although it is a couple of weeks after we had previously thought, T-Mobile Germany has launched the BlackBerry Bold.

We thought that T-Mobile Germany would be the first to release the Bold, however, that title goes to Chilean based Movistar who debuted their version of the BlackBerry Bold yesterday.


  • S. Kearn

    Do you know when the Blackberry Bold will be avaialable in the United States?

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  • http://maloneysmusings.blogspot.com colin

    Bring on the Javelin. Seriously.

  • torsten

    Oh yes! Just got my bold from t mobile. Runs smoothly with my vodafone sim card on our bes. Photoviewe from sd card horribly slow, though. I think (and hope), that there will be and os update soon. Could not check, if the device supports ota os update. Anybody some hints on slow photoviewer? Cheers T

  • seanjfun

    is it coming 2 the usa