Sync Your BlackBerry Calendar with Google Calendar

In their next move to control the flow of all information to and from everywhere, Google has released Google Sync for Mobile, a synchronization utility that will wirelessly keep the calendar application on your BlackBerry up to date with your Google Calendar.

All joking aside, this is a really cool application that many, myself included, have been waiting to come out since about the time GMail got BIS support.

If you have a BlackBerry and a Google Calendar account, I’ve got two words for you…

Download it

You can do so OTA right to your BlackBerry by pointing your devices browser to


  1. pd says

    Not ready for prime time:

    1. No ability to synch any individual calendar one at a time. There are events that I don’t want to appear on shared calendars.

    2. If I sign out I should have the option if I want all synchronized events deleted. (or better yet, not at all) What happens if I sign out unintentionally? All my events disappear? i.e. Would this occur if my phone needs to be reset? Are events deleted on both Blackberry and Google Calendar?

    There’s a possibility that I have more questions, but I’ve only played with it for about ten mins!

    For now GCalSynch is better for me. I’m sure Google will get there, I’m actually kinda surprised they came out with this unfinished of a product.

  2. Nikolaus says

    I got it. I used it. I love it! Well done Google for integrating so well with the Blackberry. Google apps are one reason why the Blackberry rocks so much. The Blackberry is the best place to use Google apps. The Blackberry is the Google Phone!

  3. Sean says

    Just an FYI, but there’s a bunch of cool stuff going on mobile-wise at Google right now.

    Check out for information on their stuff. One Click will automatically update all your Google Mobile software. Apparently Google Maps has locator stuff built in now which uses the cell tower’s location identification stuff.

    Cool stuff.

  4. dfunk says

    I sync with Outlook at work as well. I took the plunge and installed Google sync and now my calendar is syncronized between all three – Outlook, Blackberry, Google Calendar.

  5. kelizrm says

    I just got my first BB today and I am so excited! However, I’ve been in Palm world for the last couple of years and I don’t know much at all about how the BB works. I got the Verizon edition of the Pearl 8130.
    1. How do I sync with Outlook Contacts on my laptop? The contacts actually reside on my hard drive so it should be simple. Outlook is however, part of our corporate Microsoft Exchange Server so I guess my contacts also reside on the server, although I’m not sure in what form bc they never worked properly with the Treo.
    2. The corporate IT geek said that the calendar (Outlook) wouldn’t sync with a BB since they don’t have an Enterprise Server. IS THAT TRUE? I like Google calendar anyway so maybe I will go to that if that is actually correct.
    3. Re email with my work’s network (Microsoft Exchange Server…not an Enterprise Server…): a) Which email Option do I use to set up my email (Desktop Redirector??), and b) If so, do I REALLY have to leave my computer ON to get email? That’s just dumb. And c) I guess I can use the Web based Exchange version of our email Microsoft Outlook Web Access and use the BB Internet Service Option for email instead, right???
    What I want is a Smartphone that will sync accurately my email and my contacts and my calendar. Do I have that???

  6. William says

    I’ve just downloaded Google sync to my 8830. Had to get the patch off the Blackberry site. No biggie. Syncs well. The events from my calendar entered from my laptop go to me BB. However when I enter an event in my BB, it doesn’t show up on my google calendar. Any thoughts on this?

    • Brenda says

      I am having the same problem? If entered on the laptop – it all syncs. But if entered on the BB I can not see it on the lap top. Why? How do I fix it?

  7. D says

    Today I went to look at my calendar to discover that somehow my BB, or Google Sync, deleted all of my events after January 18… several months worth of plans and notes. They were also deleted from my Google Calendar online. Why did this happen?
    My support line tells me that it’s because the Pearl 8130 only has so much available memory and deletes things to free up space. If this is the only rationale, I am not impressed. If I have to worry about my stuff being deleted, then I’ll have to carry around a paper dayplanner, and that totally defeatrs the purpose. Help!

  8. BBerry Junkie says

    Google sync looked like my solution. My enterprise uses NotifyLink which is a complete disaster as a synching product to Groupwise. I synched to Outlook, exported my calendar as a csv file to get all my current entries into Google calendar. Loaded Google sync to my ATT 8800, I was a pig is S _ _ _.

    Then… I realized that not all the entries that I was creating were synching. I gave my secretary full editing permission to my calendar (and asked her to keep a record of all changes while I test the syncing.) The initial tests passes. When we moved to “production”, I saw that some appointments that were created on Google calendar never synched to my BBerry, and some from my BBerry would appear on the calendar and then vanish from my BBerry.

    Oh well, Sync needs to go back to Google labs. it’s not ripe yet…

  9. phil h says

    I use plaxo. just sync your BB with outlook as usual,then hit the sync button on outlook, it will sync with plaxo and google calendar. you need to install a small app for outlook. this will install a toolbar in outlook.
    plaxo will sync hotmail and others too.
    go to I think it works well, no problems.

  10. Manda says

    Did anyone figure out why the sync does not work from Blackberry to Google? I see what I input online on my BB but what I input on Blackberry does not show up online on Google. Any updates???

  11. wayra says

    Someone has been able to sync email and or calendar in a Curve 8320 with 4.5.1 OS. and using WI-FI.

    I dont want to pay data package, I have done with data package, but I CANNOT with WI-FI

    Any clues?


  12. Norris says

    My findings — I’m having the same issues — tell me that it’s an incompatibility of BB OS 4.5 and GoogleSync. Go back to the last revision of the BB OS (4.4.2) and Google should work fine.

    What you’ll lose: Camcorder, and a few default pictures.
    What you’ll gain: A working calendar.

  13. rich says

    Mobile sync has screwed up my contacts. Each time I sync it adds the contacts as duplicate listings. My contact list of 650 quickly became 7000!

  14. kjggolf says

    I have sync’d Google calendar with my BB Storm and I get MULTIPLE (10) of the same appts listed on my BB Calendar- how do I prevent this?

  15. Robert says

    Ok, so the app is great for syncing google to my blackberry (apparently as a push), but what about the other way? I have many appts on my blackberry I want to push or sync to the google calendar. I see nothing about that anywhere. Shouldn’t sync work in both directions?


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