Sprint BlackBerry Curve… Release Date?

sprint-blackberry-curve-8330-big.jpgAnticipating the rumored release of the Sprint Curve today, I just got off the phone with a representative who informed me that they will not be available until June (so they say…). While Sprint placed some ads out there in the Sunday papers this past weekend, a couple of weeks back I found on the Sprint Store site that the Curve would be released on June 1. Seems they’re sticking by the June time frame. Time will tell, but it’s not today…

  • Craig

    When I spoke with a Sprint CSR today she told me they would be available Friday 5/9. She made an apppointment with me to call me back on Friday AM to process my order.

  • csw

    I spoke to three different reps in their Tele-Sales and they all said mid June was the release date.

  • jason

    I was in Best Buy yesterday and it said non contract price was $749.00. Can that be true? I’m hoping that is msrp.

  • sb

    It says 749.99 on Best Buy mobile circular. Which is ridiculous no way in hell i’m paying 750 for a phone thats been out on gsm carriers all this time.

  • Alison

    I was browsing Sprints page and eas contacted via web chat by a Sprint rep who told me it would be released June 12th…. I’m just thinking if I wait until June for the Curve, how much longer would it be before the 9000 is out???

  • Alison

    was* (not eas) sorry for the typo

  • Shaun

    Spoke to an in-store Sprint CSR today in Dallas who was looking at the Sprint bulletin on their computer screen as I asked about the Curve. He read it to me and it had a 5/9 release date for the web/phone sales. He asked, and a Manager confirmed they will be in store between May 9-15 depending on locations. She is calling me as soon as one comes in.