Sprint BlackBerry Curve… Release Date?

sprint-blackberry-curve-8330-big.jpgAnticipating the rumored release of the Sprint Curve today, I just got off the phone with a representative who informed me that they will not be available until June (so they say…). While Sprint placed some ads out there in the Sunday papers this past weekend, a couple of weeks back I found on the Sprint Store site that the Curve would be released on June 1. Seems they’re sticking by the June time frame. Time will tell, but it’s not today…


  1. Craig says

    When I spoke with a Sprint CSR today she told me they would be available Friday 5/9. She made an apppointment with me to call me back on Friday AM to process my order.

  2. csw says

    I spoke to three different reps in their Tele-Sales and they all said mid June was the release date.

  3. jason says

    I was in Best Buy yesterday and it said non contract price was $749.00. Can that be true? I’m hoping that is msrp.

  4. sb says

    It says 749.99 on Best Buy mobile circular. Which is ridiculous no way in hell i’m paying 750 for a phone thats been out on gsm carriers all this time.

  5. Alison says

    I was browsing Sprints page and eas contacted via web chat by a Sprint rep who told me it would be released June 12th…. I’m just thinking if I wait until June for the Curve, how much longer would it be before the 9000 is out???

  6. Shaun says

    Spoke to an in-store Sprint CSR today in Dallas who was looking at the Sprint bulletin on their computer screen as I asked about the Curve. He read it to me and it had a 5/9 release date for the web/phone sales. He asked, and a Manager confirmed they will be in store between May 9-15 depending on locations. She is calling me as soon as one comes in.

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