Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330 Officially Announced

Well ladies and gentlemen, I am the first one to admit when I am wrong. I still have a hard time believing this, however, Sprint is going to get their branded version of the BlackBerry Curve 8330 out before Verizon.

Although Verizon officially announced their BlackBerry Curve yesterday, the device isn’t coming out until May. Sprint officially announced their BlackBerry Curve today, and, it will be out later this month.

Not only will the Sprint BlackBerry Curve be available this month, it looks a lot better, in my opinion, than the Verizon Curve, and it has a lot more bells and whistles. The Sprint Curve will have the Sprint Music Store, Sprint TV, Sprint Navigation (you may have to pay extra for this), and the on board GPS won’t be locked down (You won’t have to pay extra for this).

On top of all that, the Sprint BlackBerry Curve will only cost $179.99 after instant and mail-in rebates. Granted, this is Sprint and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if some delay cause the 8330 to be pushed back beyond April 30th, however, it sounds and looks like an awfully good deal today.


  • tommy

    Sounds good to me, I will be switching from Verizon for solely economic reasons and will let all the everyone know how it goes. (I currently have an 8130 now). I don’t use Customer service that much, and Sprint had comparable coverage in my area. Wish me luck! PS I will definitely take the black over the silver as a bonus!

  • Verizon Wireless


    we never liked you anyway. jerk.

  • http://samuelfebres.com/blog portorikan

    tommy, I really don’t think you’ll have a problem once you get set up.

    I’ll probably get this phone ‘for my wife’ and see if she likes my 8830 better. ;)

    The service is top-notch, and you don’t have to pay extra for Sprint Navigation, it’s included in the $30 Blackberry plan with unlimited data and text messaging.

  • PB

    Hot Damn! That looks great and even more so with what they’re adding on. I wonder if Verizon will loosen up or keep being the cash hoarding company they are and pluck their customers for all their worth.

  • Boris Swinton

    Yes, this is indeed surprising. Perhaps Sprint is getting their act together. Say-the all inclusive $99 a month is very hard to resist. Perhaps, VZW will answer the call and advance the release date. Or better yet, perhaps this is an April Fools prank…

  • GBVZ

    Man would that be great if this persuaded VZW to release their Curve earlier! I’m currently doing a “30-Day Trial” on the Pearl which would end before the Curve is released. Which would force me to go back to either my enV or my RAZR for a week or so. It would also be good if Sprint’s plan price persuaded VZW to lower their price. Although I doubt that would happen…

  • gameboy213

    Fantastic! All over it!

  • Thought

    Well, we’ll wait and see if this release schedule pans out.

    Also, perhaps one reason why VZW is taking a bit longer is to tweak the unit in testing and avoid some bugs that may show up in Sprint’s version.

    But overall, it doesn’t make a difference to me. The VZW network is so superior to Sprint’s that I don’t mind waiting a week or so for the device.

    However, if Sprint is getting more competitive, then good for Sprint and that only means that we as consumers will be the big winners.

  • GBVZ

    @ Thought

    I’m already a winner! My mommy told me so!

    But seriously… you’re right. If this is a turn-around point for Sprint I guess that’s a good thing. My best friend is on Nextel… and he said he’s probably getting the Curve when it comes out. I made fun of him for copying me… I just can’t have him getting the phone before I do… (cuz then I’ll be copying him) even though I’ve known about this phone and wanted it for longer than he has! Life’s unfair sometimes… haha.

  • bluehorseshoe

    Man, even Sprint knows how to throw a prank!

    The release date is probably the same date they’ll be filing chapter 11.

  • Frank

    Any chance VZW gets the black curve? I won’t switch to sprint for it, but it does look soooooooooo much better than the silver one.

  • tritan1

    I am on nextel and doing the same thing. waiting on the curve. I hated the keys of the 8830 and no camera, the 8130 is a bit to small so I hope the release date is correct and not pushed back.

  • GBVZ

    @ Frank

    The VZW Curve release color is the silver. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a second color out by fall. I doubt it will be black though… maybe the same red we see in the 8830 or a Pearl pink… haha.

  • JHP2

    FYI, Sprint told their BSP resellers that the Curve will be available on April 20th. Price will be $179.99 with two year agreement.

  • Drew

    why cant verizon have the black UGH

  • 2legit

    Hey you Sprint haters, bow down! Stop sippin the Haterade. We got the bomb Curve while VZW peeps got stuck with that ugly silver crap. To make it worse, you VZW folks are trapped in that money grubbin, ala cart prison. While Sprint is spreading the love with it’s data package. No one else comes close. And as far as network superiority, it’s a wash. Noone, I repeat, noone has coverage everywhere. So don’t hate, congratulate!

  • BBCurve
  • Wajeeha

    just got off the phone with Sprint Telesales…….. June release date for the Curve 8330. Still holding onto my 7100i BRICK

    I want to wait until “later this year” for the BB on the Nextel side but.. it’s only been 3 years since that rumor started!! I guess myself and the other 23 or 24 Nextel BB users better band together, lol!

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  • Brian Kedersha

    The 8330 has been delayed till June for both Verizon and Sprint.

  • Robert

    Connected to sprint-ap2.cnxchat.com
    Session ID: 1700353
    Please hold and the next available agent will be with you shortly.
    Christina T has joined this session!
    Connected with Christina T
    Thank you for contacting Sprint Web chat. My name is Christina T, how may I assist you with your Sprint.com order today?
    I was chatting witha rep a few minutes ago and they dropped the chat.
    All right, how may I assist you?
    I was looking at the Simply Everything $99.99 plan and the new blackberry curve 8330.
    The Blackberry Curve is not released yet, and I do not have an exact date on which it will be released.

    This site says June 1, 2008 and the plan that I want ends on May 31, 2008. How do I lock in the $99.99 plan and purchase the 8330?
    I am not authorized to that cite you are referring to, I just looked at it, and I assume if you buy the phone and plan now then you will get it when the phone is released.
    My question is it looks as if the Simply Everything $99.99 unlimited plan is not there?
    Is the Simply Everything $99.99 plan ending MAy 31, 2008?
    Yes, that is correct. That is not our official web site, so I am assume since it only a preferred partner that it only gives certain plans and phones.
    So the Simply Everything plan ends May 31, 2008? And the Curve will not be avaliable until June 1, 2008?
    Yes, that is correct.
    Do you currently have Sprint service?
    All right, so you could order the another phone with the Simply Everything plan toward the end of May, and you can switch the phone out for the Curve once it has been released, as long as it is within the 30 day trial period.
    Along with free activation and shipping, I can also provide you with our promotion code to enter with your order. You will get $25 per phone, off of your first or second billing cycle for entering this code.
    I would be happy to walk you through your order and provide you with the promo code to enter.
    What phone?
    Any phones.
    If I order a phone now and the Curve does not come out until June that will be more than 30 days?
    All right, so you could order the another phone with the Simply Everything plan toward the end of May, and you can switch the phone out for the Curve once it has been released, as long as it is within the 30 day trial period.
    Is there anything else I can help you with at this time?
    May, I am confused
    Just order a phone and the Simply Everything plan towards the end of May, so that you can get the plan before it ends, then the Curve comes out in June, so as long as it is within 30 days of trial period you can bring back the other phone to get the Blackberry Curve, all right.
    If you want the Simply Everything plan then you must order it before May 31st.

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  • LisaD

    Well May 1st and still no Blackberry Curve available through Sprint.
    How disappointing!

  • Trina

    The phone is being release May 7th on the sprint website. It should be in store on May 9th.. Price of the phone is 599.99 But with a new contract of 2 years it will be priced @ 249.99 with a mail in rate of a 100.00 dollars. So after the rebate and taxes you will be paying 179.99.. This also includes upgrades too. I’m a sprint customer service rep.