Sending Contact Info Via BlackBerry

Remember the back in the day when you got your first PDA before the BlackBerry took over? One of the coolest things that you could do was “beam” contact information from your device via infra-red to someone else’s device. I believe that I read an article once that said business cards would go the way of the dinosaur. Well, that hasn’t exactly happened, but, being able to beam your adders book to everyone you met at networking events was pretty fun.

As we know, you can’t exactly beam your info to someone since there is no infra-red on the BlackBerry. However, there is a little known feature that easily allows you to exchange contact info with other BlackBerry users.

I know that some of you die-hard BlackBerry Addicts are saying that it is pretty easy to send contact info via a simple email, and truth be told, you are absolutely right. You wouldn’t believe, however, how many long time BlackBerry users don’t know that all you have to do to send contact info is send an email or a PIN message to the person that you want to give contact info to and select Attach Address from the thumb wheel scroll bar.

This is a pretty simple tip but keeps you from having to type all your info into an email and easily allows you to give one of your contact’s info to someone else that you know.

  • d_fisher

    I think your 2nd paragraph is missing some punctuation and has a few typos. Should read

    As we know, you can’t exactly beam your info to someone since there is no infra-red on the BlackBerry. However, there is a little known feature that easily allows you to exchange contact info with other BlackBerry users.

  • Robb Dunewood

    Good catch. That’s what I get for not using the usability statisctics in Wurd befur postin…

  • Franklin Madison

    Unfortunately, when you do attach the address to your email make sure you dont have anything you dont want someone to read in the “notes” section of the address, as that transfers also.

  • dubby

    But how about beaming an entire address book? Can I use bluetooth? How about memos?

  • Dunc

    I’ve just moved from a mobile to a BB but miss the ability to send a contact to another person by SMS – or can you and I haven’t figured it out yet?

  • David Leitner

    I changed companies and need to transfer my address book (mostly personal numbers) from one Curve to a newer edition of a Curve. How do I do this with Bluetooth – can I move the entire thing over? The numbers are not on the sim card and the phone number has changed. Thanks for your help.

  • a brady

    How can I send business card to a standard phone? As not all my clients have BB thanks

  • Nauzad Munshi

    this is very simple. just pop in the original CD which came with your phone and install the BB desktop software. there is an option called ‘switch phones’ —select that and follow the instructions. beware—–1 st backup your entire and remove the memory card…..cheers n luck!

  • kate

    you can send contact info as an mms vs. a sms you accomplish the same thing just mms ur contact and then in the menu select attach address (you can also attach appointments and pics etc this way)

    (mms is a multimedia message and some carriers charge extra for them if they don’t deem it was data usage so make sure you have picture messaging on your phone plan)

  • kate

    p.s. a brady you can use my method to solve ur problem as well, and you can also bluetooth contacts to other phones as well as ring tones :)

  • John

    You can also send or receive contacts on Blackberry with bbCard application (search Handango online store for it)

  • lena

    can I get complete calendar items from BB 8300 to BB 8800 without using a computer ie. beam, bluetooth??

  • ashish

    can i send contact via sms? i’m able to send it via email and mms but the text sms doesn’t show an option of attach contact like in other phones. any suggestions on how to go about it please?


  • sallyann

    it would seem that pda’s are being phased out forcing many of us to buy smartphones. i am a long time palm user but have discovered that palm will no longer support their pda devices and, soon, will phase out their old OS. because my pda is on its last leg, i am having to make the transition to a “smartphone” but, i neither need nor can afford data packages. i simple want a “pda” type device to keep my contact and calendar information. the blackberry seems to be the most reliable device that will not disappear over night.
    having said all of this, i am wondering if there is a way to transfer information from one device to another w/out a data package or email. i do miss the beam feature of my palm! hopefully, blackberry will consider adding this to one of their devices.
    thank you for your input.

  • Amman

    SMS Contact allows you to send the contact information by SMS text message. Simply define what you would like to send from the contact information and click on SMS contact on your menu for any of your contacts.

    Let us know by contacting us on how we can improve the application :-)


  • Randall

    Hi there!

    How do i send a business card from the Blackberry phone