Rumor: BlackBerry Playbook Launching on April 10th

I wish RIM would just release the BlackBerry PlayBook. BGR has sources stating the BlackBerry PlayBook will be on sale April 10th. What is shocking is the PlayBook may require a software update out of box. The issue is the OS for the PlayBook goes gold master on March 31, only 10 days prior to the rumored release date. Personally, I don’t need another commercial or promotional spot, I want a retail location I can go and purchase one of these devices.

The leak comes on the day Apple is preparing to gobble up the news cycle with the iPad 2 announcements. Hopefully the PlayBook is not lost in the Apple hype cycle.

[Via SMR]
[Source BGR]

  • Rod

    Apple Store Just went down so if it is available for order immediately the Playbook is DOA

  • Marc Livingston

    I don’t doubt that there may be a few people that wanted the BlackBerryPlayBook that will opt for the iPad 2, but, dead on arrival?… I think that is a bit harsh. What is unfortunate for RIM is that the iPad 2 numbers will overshadow the PlayBook numbers significantly.

    I am hearing that the iPad 2, less the cameras and memory, isn’t all that different from the original, and unless you just have to have camera’s, there isn’t a big reason to upgrade to the newer version. I guess that we will find out for sure in about an hours or so…

  • Norman R.

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. We knew that there was going to be an iPad 2 before the original iPad was released. I don’t think that the BlackBerry PlayBook was ever going to compete with the general consumer that wanted the hottest tablet which the iPad currently is, and, I suspect the iPad 2 will soon become.

    The PlayBook will compete very well for the prosumer that was already looking at other devices like the Galaxy Tab and the Xoom and the business play that RIM has in the enterprise with the BlackBerry PlayBook is undeniable.

  • stanford

    WHY does it seem like RIM cannot get its act together at all? Something is seriously wrong in high level management. Tons of PR, yet no product … and obviously the competition is not standing still. There are windows of opportunity for success, and it sure seems that RIM may be letting their opportunity go by.

    And where in the world are their new phones????????

  • J Kane

    They’ve waited far too long. Back when the hardware was announced it looked extremely impressive. Now they just look like they are matching the standard. They should have made the developers happy months ago and had the hardware out in February.

    And yes, where are the new phones???

  • Cynthia

    Can’t be good to launch AFTER iPad2 enters the market… :-(

  • gquaglia

    Sorry, but this thing really doesn’t have a chance. The ipad has the juggernaut Apple behind it, who is undisputedly a master of marketing, an app for everything and a 1 year and 2 device head start. What does RIM have, 2 out of touch CEOs who failed to see where the market was heading.

  • Robb Dunewood

    So, I have my original iPad an love it. The only thing is that I kind of wish that it were the size of what the PlayBook will be. The 7″ form factor may keep the PlayBook fairly relevant so long as it is actually as good as everyone is saying that it is going to be.

  • P.Dub

    The iPad 2 was announced today and comes out next Thursday. The BlackBerry PlayBook was announced last summer and is only rumored to be coming out April 10th. I’m not saying… but, I’m just saying…

  • Rod Simmons

    I want to buy another personal tablet and the Playbook looks like a great option however I don’t spend money on concepts. The Playbook had support for Flash and Java Script if I recall correct which make it hugely more functional on the web than the iPad.

    If you are hell bent on getting a Motorola Xoom or Playbook this announcement means nothing to you. The challenge is the consumer that walks into Verizon or Best Buy thinking they want a Playbook but leaving with an iPad. Sales reps will sway some people by saying 65,000 apps…works with iTunes…15:1 people choose the iPad…..

    • Laurent Maroun

      You are so correct the Playbook is just a concept device, until it releases

      • Robb Dunewood

        Isn’t that always the case with any first released product? The original iPad was just concept until Apple actually built and released it…

  • Brandi

    What I would like to know is will it be exclusive to Sprint or will other carriers get it as well?

  • martin

    the playbook needs to arrive before it dies on arrival. its already dead. the hype it generated is already dead, other than ppl on this site and on crackberry no one seems to care anymore. sorry RIM but you wasted a perfectly good chance. learn something from apple, keep people guessing , keynote and release in less than 2 weeks giving it enough time for the hype to grow. btw i love my verizon iphone 4, been waiting for tooooo long for a new bb :(