RIM stock up 7% on rumors that the company wants to be bought by Samsung

Last week shares in Research in Motion (RIMM) were up over 4% on rumors that the company hired Goldman Sachs to “explore strategic options”, a.k.a., figure out how to get someone to buy the company.

Today RIM’s stock is up over 7% (at the time of this posting) on rumors that RIM is indeed pushing for a sale to Samsung.

We have heard that Jim Balsillie is actively meeting with almost every company that might be interested in either a part or all of RIM, in addition to having talks about licensing. “Jim is going hard after Samsung,” said a source with knowledge of the negotiations. One of the reasons no deal has been struck, however, is that RIM’s co-CEOs are asking for way too much.

Whether the Samsung rumor pans out to be true or not remains to be seen.  I think, however, RIM being bought for pieces and parts, or, in its entirety is one of a very few ways that the company has at making it through 2012…

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  1. Anonymous says

    Don’t blame CEO, they want RIM win.
    RIM has strange culture and self distruct political environment.
    In RIM if a new hired person figure out major problem and introduce efficient approach, both manager and his buddy group member will proof their wrong approach works. just like someone point out driving a car is right way, pushing a car is wrong way, then both manager and his buddy group member will hate you, and proof that 3 person can also move the car by pushing it. cheating email will be sent to some vice president, saying like: see, the car moving, pushing a car is a natural part of the process, in order to deny new hired contribution of introducing skill of drive a car, they have to deny merit of driving a car.
    It is very strange company culture and strange company political environment, it promote stealing and cheating skill. RIM’s management may be a typical instance in MBA course.
    This culture deny or steal hardworking team members’ contribution/innovation, generate strange political environment, destroy RIM.
    So don’t blame CEO, some of their VPs and VPs’ expert generate terrible culture and self destruct political environment.

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