RIM Drops From Fastest Growing Company In 2009 To 33rd In 2010

What a difference a year makes…  Last year when looking at Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies, Research in Motion topped the list.  This year, however, RIM has dropped down to 33rd on the list.  RIM has dropped from 1st o 9th on the Fastest Growing  Technology companies as well.

Something tells me that unless we see some major changes in the direction that Research in Motion is going we will see another big drop on the 2011 list assuming RIM even makes the cut.  When it comes to consumers that buy smartphones, unless you just want a BlackBerry, there are much more compelling options available.  Depending on which report your read most BlackBerry users don’t even want new BlackBerry devices.  That can’t bode well for RIM…

[Via CNNMoney.com]


  1. Joe says

    RIM is slowly but most surely going out of business. They are 3 – 4 years behind the competition with the 9800 which is there latest greatest offering. Of coures even this so-so phone is only available on the crappiest network in the country (ATT) Way to go RIM!! It would appear that Verizon has had enough of RIM and is really starting to distance themself from RIM. RIM is the new Palm. say goodbye, they are dropping like a rock. What a bunch of dopes.

    • gquaglia says

      Yup, teens using BBM is really the only thing keeping BB alive in the consumer market. And once that fad is done, RIM will once again be a business only device. That’s why companies shouldn’t be run by engineers (RIM), but instead by visionaries and shrewd businessmen (Apple, Google)

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