RIM Creates Portal For BlackBerry IM Clients

Research in Motion has created a portal hosting downloads of popular IM clients including AIM and Windows Live Messenger. You can access the portal directly from your BlackBerry by visiting www.blackberry.com/instantmessaging directly from your device’s BlackBerry browser.

Depending on your wireless carrier the following IM clients are available for download:

  • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • ICQ
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • Google Talk


  1. says

    And they still haven’t enabled MSN messenger for some devices, my Rogers 8300 and Pearl 8100 still show as not compatible, I’ve tried it with 4.2 and 4.3 beta and still not available, I assume this is provisioning on RIM’s side or a request from the carrier to NOT enable it.

  2. jonabyte says

    Usually this is a request from the carrier, though I don’t know why Rogers wouldn’t want to add this.

  3. Alexandre says

    I have the same problem (with Swisscom in Switzerland) I can’t download Msn for my 8310 (idem with the 8800)…

    are you sure the problem come with the carrier?

  4. eb says

    None of these work on cingular’s network either, although with a little googling one can find a workaround for yahoo! Messenger

  5. Ethan says

    i have a 8310 with At&T and i can access the backberry.com/instantmessaging site and the download link. but i get a “system Requirements not meet” message.

  6. New Verizon User (ray) says

    I downloaded the Yahoo messenger for my RIM 8830 with Verizon. It installed and worked perfectly. It synched my users from YAHOO without any issue. Awesome and free. Thanks RIM!

  7. Rob says

    Well I have an 8320 on Orange (UK) and I can’t get anywhere. If I try to d/l Windows Live Messenger I get a page saying it’ll only work in IE as it uses Active X Controls! F*****g useless!

  8. says

    I guess Orange France sucks.
    Msn Messenger download lins toake you to a wonderful 400 http error….
    maybe because you have to pay Orange for a msn service throughtheir ugly portal…

    Fucking wireless providers mafia here in France anyway.


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