RIM Cancels Development Of 10-Inch BlackBerry PlayBook To Focus On First QNX Powered BlackBerry

Rumors that Research in Motion was working on a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook have been floating around since back in May.  It appears, however, RIM may have had a change of heart.  N4BB is reporting that 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook has been canceled in favor of more production focus on the QNX powered BlackBerry Superphone.

Research in Motion is on the record stating that QNX powered BlackBerry devices will ship early in 2012.  Early 2012 in marketing speak could mean any time before 2012 is half over, however, it looks like RIM might really mean early.


  • Norman R.

    What I find amazing is that RIM put so much focus on even the original BlackBerry PlayBook.  I actually kind of like the PlayBook, but, it is little more than a proof of concept.  500,000 units shipped wasn’t worthy the valuable time the company lost developing QNX for BlackBerry Phones.

    • Mel Cartwritght

      I would say that it is more shocking than amazing.  

  • Melonie Krensel

    Did they cancel development on regular BlackBerries too?  It’s been like a year since they had anything new come out.

    I hate to say this, but, I am just tired of waiting for RIM to release something new.  I really wanted to get new Bold with the touch screen on it but the trackball on my Tour no longer works and I need to get a new phone now.  I don’t really want the old Bold that Verizon has now out cause my roomate has it and it is basically just like my Tour.

    I am going to miss BBM, but I really just think I am going to get the that Verizon Droid with the BlackBerry keyboard on it.

    • Norman R.

      This is a real problem for RIM.  Here is another story of a current BlackBerry user that wants to remain a BlackBerry user, but, is churning away because RIM has no new phones out.

  • FrankDLR1972

    So, am I correct in thinking that RIM isn’t even big enough to develope & build two or three different devices at any particular time? And is it also correct to assume that they don’t even know enough to already be working on next yrs “next big thing” as soon as this yrs “whatever” launches? RIM; it boggles the mind…

    • http://www.rimarkable.com RIMarkable Robb

      RIM is absolutely big enough for this.  Their problem is that they bet on their aging operating system being able to go one more round when the the fight probably should have been stopped 2 or 3 rounds ago.

      In a rant earlier this year, Mike Lazaridis, said repeatedly the the BlackBerry is iconic.  What he should have been thinking, however, was that the BlackBerry OS is antiquated. 

  • FrankDLR1972

    For as long as I can remember, technology has been evolving at such a fast rate, that companies that produced tech-like hardware/software have had to keep on making bigger & better equipment as fast as they could. This is why it’s not wise to buy a computer that was made 2 or 3 yrs ago, heck, not even 1 yr ago. How is it even plausible that RIM could just sit there as Apple, Google & then even Microsoft pass right by them with new & innovative products.
    QNX is their Hail Mary pass, & I’m sure the Playbook will be awesome when all the software is ready for it, but they should have already been deeply involved in getting a QNX powered ph out there this yr. Bottom line is I think like you said, RIM’s “go another round” theory was just them being greedy and trying to squeeze blood from a stone & it back fired on them.

  • http://www.blackberry-playbook-reviews.co.uk Blackberrry Playbook Reviews

    QNX – well we will have to wait and see if it delivers, current Blackberry Playbook’s OK but needs a bit of work and a lotmore polished software. Now the 10 inch would have made sense especially to view lots of pdf full screen without having to scroll or shrink to fit with text so small its unreadable.

    • Jpborders

      I think saying the Playbook needs a bit of work is pretty much like saying Yugo could have made it if it only were a car.