Research In Motion Does Still Make BlackBerry Phones… Don’t They?

I was just having a conversation with a colleague about all the news that has coming out of Mobile World Congress, currently underway  in Barcelona, Spain.  When the topic came around to the BlackBerry, my friend said that all the news seems to be about the BlackBerry PlayBook…  Then, tongue firmly implanted in check, my friend said,

“Research in Motion does still make phones…  Don’t they?”

Now, clearly, this was a jab right at RIM, but, it really got me to thinking about the last time you really heard RIM officially, or, even unofficially talking about BlackBerry phones coming down the pipe. There have been leaked roadmaps hear and there, but, it seems like RIM has been unusually tight-lipped when it comes to future BlackBerry devices.

There are still a couple of days of Mobile World Congress 2011 left, and, and RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie still has to do his keynote, so, let’s hope that he, in addition to announcing an official release date for the BlackBerry PlayBook, gives us a preview as to what is coming in the way of new BlackBerry phones.

  • P.Dub

    I’d be willing to bet that you won’t hear about any new BlackBerry devices this week. Not because RIM doesn’t have new devices coming out, but, because there would be a negative reaction to them when compared to all of the other high end smartphones that are being announced.

  • Frank

    It’s kind of like I mentioned before. With the introduction of the Playbook and it’s far superior capabilities, it’s not too far fetched to think that RIM could concievably branch out into a whole different industry. Yes, we all know that RIM is first and foremost a cell phone maker and that’s where they’re making tons of money from, but who knows maybe 10 yrs down the road. More likely though, I believe RIM will continue to integrate the cell phone and tablet form factors ever more seemlessly. I just wish they’d keep up a little better with the hardware other leading manufacturers are offering.

  • ja2bk

    Well, RIM’s stance is the battery life and processing power isn’t there yet for what they want to do. As long as RIM feels the pieces aren’t there yet, we won’t see anything worthy of announcing at such events. If those are the devices you want, and its based on specs and not the overall experience, you have outgrown RIM devices maybe? I have come to accept that I don’t need my phone to do all my pc does.

    Honestly, right now, I just want a bigger screen for the browser, better e-mail experience (read see message as if I’m on a pc) as I rarely log in to e-mail if I don’t have to, and the apps to be on par with Android and iOS counterparts.

  • d ski answer to his friend, no BB does not make cell phones anymore – at least nothing new. It’s pretty obvious BB has given up the cutting edge to Android and iOS and focused on smaller, cheaper, less advanced phones for the 3rd world and the Playbook for the prime markets. All they do is talk about playbook…release news about playbook…advertise updates for the playbook….do demos for playbook. That’s okay if that’s the direction they want to go – they run the company. If they want to be a tablet company so be it.

  • t0ked

    Too little too late. Something commonly heard now when talking about RIM and their cell phones. I am actually a very happy Storm1 user. Happy is not the word… content is better. However, I was eligible for an upgrade last summer and really wanted to stay with BB, but there was nothing to go to. I pondered about the Bold (er, I mean Tour2) but after a larger touch screen, you can’t really go back. I was one of those looking forward to the Storm2.5 or whatever it was. Atleast it would have been something new, with OS6 and more memory. That was a no go. Now they are saying maybe in september of this year? Sorry. I’m going to android and not looking back. If you had something other than the still-not-released playbook, which I was not in the market for anyway, I would have stayed with you. I’ve already stopped using BBM to begin weaning myself off… LOL