Quick Tip: How to Reboot a BlackBerry Without Removing the Battery

As nice as of an operating system as BlackBerry 7 is it is still based on a BlackBerry OS that has been around for years, and, unfortunately, like its predecessors requires rebooting after the installation and updating of many popular applications.  Having to reboot your BlackBerry just because you installed an app is annoying, but, having to pull the battery out of your device to do so, makes the process irritating.

With today’s Quick Tip we wanted to remind BlackBerry users that if you simply need to reboot your device pulling the battery is overkill.  You can perform a “soft reset”, or, reboot your BlackBerry by pressing the Alt, right Shift, and Delete buttons simultaneously.  So long as your device isn’t locked up this keyboard shortcut for rebooting your BlackBerry is lot less hassle than physically pulling the battery…



  1. says

    Unfortunately you can’t use the keyboard because there is no physical keyboard.  There is a free BlackBerrry application called Quick Pull that simulates pulling your battery out that I used to use on my BlackBerry Storm that may work, although, I haven’t tested on the BlackBerry Torch 9850.

    You can pick it up App World.  Let’s us know if it works…

    • says

      I use QuickPull on both my BBs (Storm 2 and Bold 9650). I find it more convenient and reliable than fumbling around with key combinations. Highly recommend it!

  2. Renee Chamberlin says

    I’ve been using a Blackberry for over a year and I had know idea that you could do this.  I always would just pull the battery out.  Thanks for this tip…

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