Premium Belt Clip Case by Saapni for BlackBerry Z30


Today my new Premium Belt Clip Case by Saapni arrived via UPS. This case looks so good on the white BlackBerry Z30, I usually like to rock my phones without a case to show the build quality but this case just seemed like a natural fit. Check out the specs and video below, I also incuded a link to the case as well. Enjoy!

Saapni Premium Blackberry Z30 Holster Combo – Rubberized Ribbed Texture Shell and Holster with Fixed Ratching Belt Clip – Black

  • Complete protective set, includes: belt holster & case
  • Rubberized ribbed texture for firm, non-slip grip case.
  • Swiveling belt clip holster for easy access.
  • Compatible with Blackberry Z30
  • Black Combo Belt Clip Holster Cover + Hard Case for Blackberry Z30



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