Pay As You Go BlackBerry Plans: Are They Right For You?

We constantly hear about how fast feature phone users are converting over to smartphones all the time.  What you don’t hear as often, however, is that one of the fastest growing segments of net new wireless subscribers are those opting for pre-paid plans, and, one of the hottest devices going right now is the pay as you go BlackBerry

We get questions all the time about pay as you go BlackBerry devices, particularly the Boost Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8530.  The 8530, isn’t the newest BlackBerry Curve on the block, but, it is a solid device that many prefer over of the newer BlackBerry Curve 3G.  Boost Mobile’s price of $199.99 seems to be a little steep, but, what you have to realize is that you are paying for the device unsubsidized as there is no monthly contract that you need to sign up for.

Where the pay as you go BlackBerry shines on Boost Mobile is in the way of the $60 per month unlimited BlackBerry Plan that gives you unlimited nationwide talk, text, web, 411, IM & email.  For customers that stick with Boost Mobile, your plan could go down to as little as $45 per month.

Virgin Mobile offers the same BlackBerry Curve 8530 for $139.99, however, their monthly plan will run you $70 per month for unlimited everything.

At the end of the day, you will pay significantly less when if you get a pay as you go BlackBerry on either Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile.  If you can stand paying a little more for a BlackBerry up front, you can save hundreds of dollars over the course of a two year plan and you aren’t locked into any type of contract.

Is a pay as you go BlackBerry right for you?


  1. Anisha Wallace says

    I am definitely going to get one of these, but, have a question. Virgin Mobile’s plan only costs more if you get that $10 Blackberry Messenger on top of the $60 plan. If I got like the $25 plan and added the $10 BlackBerry Messenger plan, would I be missing out something that Boost offers less the unlimited minutes?

    • says

      No, you would not. Boost Mobile’s $60 BlackBerry plan includes everything, including BIS, which allows for web mail, BBM, and BlackBerry App World.

      If you add the $10 BIS plan from Virgin Mobile to any of there plans, you would essentially have the Boost plan, less unlimited minutes if you go with the $25 plan plus the $10 BIS add-on…

  2. Lyric says

    Why does Virgin charge that extra 10 dollars for blackberry if the regular plan already comes with email? Can you do just regular email on the BlackBerry? I don’t care about web mail. I really just want Facebook, that BBM chat, and text. I don’ care about minutes so could I just get the 25 dollar plan and not worry about the the 10 dollar web mail?

    • ja2bk says

      I think all of the prepaid carriers charges an additional $10 for blackberry service. Boost is an extra $10 compared to the $50 for unlimited everything on other phones. MetroPCS also charges an additional $10. Probably has something to do with charges for offering BIS service. Maybe a RIM cost passed on?

  3. says

    I can’t tell you why Virgin Mobile makes the BlackBerry plan an additional charge as compared to Boost Mobile, but, I can tell you that you need it for email, BBM, browsing the web etc.

  4. Cobus Benade says

    In South Africa the prepaid along with the 8520 is largely what is contributing to RIM SA’s numbers I think. We get the 8520 cash for R1990 ($290) and our unlimited BIS plan is R60 ($8.80).

  5. Lyric says

    Is there any down side to going with Virgin Mobile as compared to regular plan on Sprint. I know you get more options for phones, but, I don’t really see that much difference between the Curve 8530 and Curve 3G 9330.

  6. blackberrylover says

    I have a question, and please make the answer clear. Will I need to pay the extra 10$ a month for virgin mobile to go on FACEBOOK. I dont want to pay the extra ten, because all i need on this phone is calling, sms, and facebook, do you have to pay the extra 10 to have facebook

  7. blackberrylover says

    also i’ve been wondering if text messaging came with the blackberry for virgin mobile, or do you have to pay the extra 10$ a month to get the bb app world, so does text messaging come with the phone?

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