Over 20% Of Smartphones, BlackBerry Not Included, Returned During the Holdiay Season

Opinion Research Corporation did a study that has revealed that smartphones, excluding the BlackBerry and the iPhone, were the most returned gadget during the holiday season.

21%, just over one fifth, of all smartphones purchased that weren’t named BlackBerry or iPhone went back to the store, primarily because people just couldn’t set the darn things up.

Sometimes it’s pretty cool to be in the same category as the iPhone.



  1. Mickey says

    This doesn’t have to do with the topic, but is it normal to have a 10-20 minute delay in receiving messages on my Blackberry from when they were actually sent? Is it a Blackberry problem, service provider, or a setting on my phone? Thanks.

  2. bluehorseshoe says

    @ Mickey

    Are you using BIS or BES? BIS, yes, it’s possible but really shouldn’t take 10 minutes. Maybe 5 at most that I’ve seen. Provider has something to do with it to…that being outside of the phone provider.

    As for the returns, yeah…I’m with argonnj. Most likely they were either Windows or Palm based OS smartphones. I’ve been there and done that…which is why I now use a BB. I remember when the first Windows Treo came out via Verizon and I jumped all over it…after 6 months I dumped the phone and the plan. Couldn’t handle the heavy work load and kept crashing. Thank you BB…now I can fly on my device without worry.

  3. bluehorseshoe says

    @ Mickey

    It should take no longer than 5 minutes in my experience. Yahoo runs a push service with BB that gets the email to you immediately, just like BES. I’d recommend getting a yahoo account and using it. Works great. You may have to pay for the pop service though. I believe it’s 19.99 a year with them. I do it because I use it with outlook as well.

  4. Mickey says

    My Verizon.net e-mail is for my company, so I can’t switch (which I also use with Outlook). I guess I’ll just have to deal with the delay on some e-mails…Thanks for the help

  5. hellno says

    “Sometimes it’s pretty cool to be in the same category as the iPhone.”

    It sure is Robb! It’s tough to find of thread on RIMarkable where the iPhone has not been brought up. :) Did you visit Danica over at Go Daddy to register http://www.iPHONEarkable.com yet?

  6. says

    I registered really cool iPhone related domain about a year ago. One of these days I may get around to doing something with it. The iPhone may turn out to be a popular device me thinks. :)


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