New Yahoo! and Google Talk IM Clients Available For BlackBerry

If you head over to on your BlackBerry you will see that they have new versions of Yahoo Instant Messenger for BlackBerry and Google Talk for BlackBerry available for you to download.

I’ve only downloaded the Google Talk client as of yet and from what I see so far it appears to be a significant upgrade to the interface. You can see the profile pictures of yourself and your contacts.

I love a good free BlackBerry download…


  1. Roger says

    I installed the new Yahoo Messenger over my old version, and now the Icon has dissapeared. There’s no way to access the program. It shows as being installed properly, and I even re-installed it, but I can’t get an Icon! Anyone else have the same issue?

  2. Eric says

    Looks like the Yahoo client will now let you chat with your MS Messenger friends (just like the desktop version has let you do). It looks like both the Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger clients got some nice upgrades.

  3. Eric says

    Just an fyi: I uninstalled both clients and rebooted before installing the new versions. Seemed like a safer idea to me. I am using an 8703.

  4. Victor says


    I have the same problem like Roger (no 3): I have installed the new version of YM and I can not find it on my desktop. And is not hidden.

    Can anyone provide a link to where I can download the previous version of YM? Or can anyone provide a solution for this new version of YM?

    I am using 8700.

    Best regards

  5. Dave says

    To those having the problems with YIM… it appears the new version only works with 4.2 devices! Bummer as I too already downloaded and installed it and lost my YIM icon. Way to go RIM!

  6. Dave says

    In the meantime I’ve downloaded (and purchased) IM+ from It includes the new MySpace IM and has been working fairly well on my 7130e. Next week I’ll get my hands on the new 8130 (from Sprint) and start all over.

  7. Victor says

    I have finally found a solution, tried it, and it works; 2.0 is better than the first!
    Here is the text that helped me:
    “Found a solution on one of the other forums. Go to Options/Advanced Options/Applications/Modules then scroll down until you see net_rim_yahoomessenger module (v 1.*.*) and delete it. After it deletes, the device will reboot, and when it comes back on, the error is gone and the icon is there.”
    You can all try this 😉

  8. blackwilly says

    So I loaded the new Yahoo Mess (heehee) – and well I get to log in – but that’s about it. I cannot see anyone else that is also logged in … any recommendations?
    -Uninstalled; Deleted Modules; Restarted; and then tried it all over again – still nothing …

  9. Antonio says


    I just installed gtalk and did the same thing…I collapsed the list and now can’t seem to get it back. Kinda stupid actually. Not sure what do to about that. I tried uninstalling it, and re-installing but I get the same thing showing up as if I did not even delete the damm thing. Anyone have any clue what I am doing wrong?

  10. Tracy says

    I use Yahoo IM 2.5.32 (newest release) on my blackberry and sometimes I will be logged off involuntarily, even while in the middle of replying. Mostly, I get logged off when someone else sends me a message. I haven’t been able to find a fix for this. Very frustrating.


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