New Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger Clients Available

Research in Motion has released updated clients for Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger. I don’t use Yahoo! Messenger, however, the new Google Talk version 2.0.38 doesn’t seem to do anything different the the previous update, 2.0.35. My guess is that these new dot releases are just fixes to bugs reported in earlier versions.

Unfortunately we have to guess because RIM doesn’t include release notes or “whats new” documents with these apps.

Anywho, if you would like to get the latest versions of Googe Talk for BlackBerry or Yahoo! Messenger for BlackBerry, head on over to


  1. JoAnn B says

    I just noticed the following interesting article about Google Maps new GPS location approximater. It’s kind of a “poor man’s” GPS. I’d like to know if there’s a way to have these work on those “nyah-nyah-you-can’t-have-GPS-on-your-blackberry” Verizon phones. Mine is a 7130e and I don’t see the option for “My Location”, but I do see a “Bluetooth GPS” option, which doesn’t seem to work.

    I would love for this to work even if it’s not perfect.

  2. JoAnn B says

    Update: It turns out that it wasn’t enough just to count on my current Google Maps application updating itself. I had to download and reinstall from

    It really does work. As you might expect, it’s only accurate to within a mile or so but that’s good enough for some applications.

    I hope this gets Verizon rethinking their GPS lockdown.

    Viva competition!


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