My Dog Ate My BlackBerry

A Flickr user that goes by the name of cybertoad just got a brand new BlackBerry Curve from work 2 days ago.  Unfortunately, her dog likes to chew leather BlackBerry cases…


  1. says

    Hi guys – I’m the owner of that mangled Blackberry – & I’m a girl BTW, :)

    So, anyone want a really cute, slightly used 8-month old puppy who likes to chew? (‘m just kidding) LOL

    Still waiting to hear back from my company. Seems like we don’t insure our equipment! Argh!

  2. says

    Oh, and yes, it was Verizon & I’d like to point out that it was still working, I just couldn’t really see anything with the shattered screen.

  3. TheDenver411 says

    Cybertoad, what kind of company do you work for? I don’t think its beneficial for companies to insure their devices since they’re already paying high prices as is for service and support.

  4. says

    I work for a restaurant company – but w/o equipment insurance, to replace this phone may cost almost $500! Still waiting to hear back from our rep (via our IT dept).

  5. Mitch says

    Cybertoad you should get the BB Storm. Then the dog would never be able to eat it because you would never let it out of your site

  6. Pat says

    I feel for you. When my dog annihilated my Curve 8900 to the point of unusability, I didn’t waste time replacing it with a new one in less than 24 hours. I did buy the same model by the way. That’s really the problem when you have dogs in the house. I’m starting not to like the idea of having dogs already. They destroy stuff. It’s too much for me. It has become so expensive for me since things always gets broken then you have to fix or buy a new one for.

  7. Antonio says

    Hallo all,

    my dog did the same thing… :-(

    He ate the bottom left corner of my blackberry. Now everythings works except for the “lock keys” button that is exactly what my dog ate.

    Can anyone tell me if it makes some sense thinking about repairing it?

    Other question: is there a way to unlock the keyboard without using the eaten button?


    • Antonio says

      I would say: “He ate the TOP left corner” instead if “BOTTOM left corner” and, well, it’s the left hand of one looking at the phone or, better, the right top corner of the phone (I hope you will forgive my not so sharp English)

  8. says

    hey cybertoad,if you have dogs that would like 2 chew then just wait for the metal phone to come out…that way if youre dos bites it,it won’t matter cuz’…i mean ita steel, how can it be broken? btw im serious lol 😉

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