MobiHand App Store For BlackBerry

MobiHand App Store

In an effort to still some of Research in Motion’s Thunder with coming with tomorrow’s launch of  BlackBerry AppWorld, Mobihand launches their own BlackBerry App Store today.

The MobiHand App Store, which will allow you to purchase and download over 5000 BlackBerry applications OTA to your device, includes the following features:

  • Deal-of-the-Day – a new best-selling app every day at a deep discount.
  • Specials – loads of discounted priced apps in every category
  • Top Apps – browse the most popular free and paid apps
  • Category Browsing – browse the catalog by category and subcategories to quickly find what you’re looking for
  • Detailed application descriptions – Product detail includes star ratings and user reviews. Add your own ratings and reviews
  • Growing catalog of apps – new apps are being added every day
  • Automatic device detection – ensures that the apps that appear are compatible with particular BlackBerry phone
  • Easy download and installation – OTA delivery right to your BlackBerry phone
  • Account history – Access to your MobiHand account with complete purchase history. Makes it easy to re-download previously purchased applications
  • Optimized checkout – Once you are registered, just login then purchase with a few clicks

You can download and install MobiHand App Store to your BlackBerry by pointing your device’s browser to http://www.mobihand/appstore.


  1. says

    I thought that creating an app. store to compete with RIM’s offering was a waste of time, but RIM pricing apps at 2.99 will actually encourage competition with other stores where simple apps will be .99 or less..

    I am not sure why they didn’t just do exactly what Apple has done, it makes no sense to me whatsoever.

  2. says

    The first thing that I thought when I heard about App Worlds’s pricing structure was that RIM opened the door up for competing app stores to undercut them on them on price.

  3. DaBerry says

    Looks like they’re (Crackberry & Mobihand) the same app, actually. LOL. Installing one uninstalls the other, same version #’s, etc.

  4. Certified Brainiac says

    Yeah this is really cool. Perfect timing for me coz i just bought a blackberry yesterday at [url][/url].

  5. Phreqd says

    I’ll tell you why Michael, it’s because we own BlackBerries that we can be over-charged. Because we must all be CEO’s or something and have all kinds of money.


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