Microsoft Says President Obama Should Leave His BlackBerry Behind Because Of Canadian Security Threat

Barack Obama BlackBerryYou may have heard by know that President Barack Obama is allowed to continue using his beloved BlackBerry for personal use and and must use Windows CE powered Sectra Edge for anything official.  Microsoft is suggesting, however, that President Obama drop is BlackBerry all togehter because of the Canadian security threat.

“You would be sending your data outside the country,” says Randy Siegel, a Microsoft enterprise mobile strategist who works on federal government projects. “We wouldn’t want the casual musings or official communications of the most important person in the world being intercepted by others.”

Is that the best Microsoft could come up with?

[Via WSJ]


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    Microshaft should know by now not to throw stones. There are plenty of M$ products which are certifiable security threats. M$ via Randy Siegel is desperate. Funny this coming from the same company who’s OS is the only one RIM makes it’s BB desktop available for.

    It does however bring up that RIM’s whole operation is reliant on a single NOC located in the great white north, not exactly mission critical as we have found out from time to time. Though thought at one point there was talk of RIM building other NOC’s? Did that ever happen? Perhaps a NOC in the US would keep all the POTUS’s communications within our boarders?

    “Windows CE powered Sectra Edge for anything official.” What a JOKE.

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    Even worse than having our POTUS use a clunky, poor designed, Windows CE powered Sectra Edge, is that in 2009 this is all such news and that the POTUS is having to fight to keep his BB and to be communicate in all the ways all of us do every single day.


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