Microsoft Launches Tellme: Voice Based Search For BlackBerry

Microsoft has released a cool new utility for BlackBerry called Tellme that allows you to search GPS directions, traffic information, maps, movies, businesses and more via your BlackBerry simply by saying the name of the item that you are looking for.

Lets say that you are looking for Starbucks. Simply hit the Tellme icon on your BlackBerry and say “Starbucks”. Tellme will determine your location via GPS and give you a list Starbucks locations near you.

With Tellme on your mobile phone, you can find the nearest businesses based on your GPS location** and also get maps, directions, and traffic information right on your screen! Just say it and see it.

Unfortunately Tellme doesn’t support all BlackBerry devices. It currently works only on the 8100, 8800, 8820, 8830, and 8310. If you have one of these devices, Tellme might be kind of cool to check out.

  • GBVZ

    will it work on VZW devices… where the GPS is limited to VZ Nav.?

  • hyedipin

    It is completely ridiculous that it does not support non-gps blackberries. Microsoft screwed up on that one big time! It looks great, and it can be a huge rival against google maps, but idiots did not include support for 8100 or 8300 devices!

  • bluehorseshoe

    Actually, Microsoft probably has nothing to do with this except for the fact they own the company. I’m surprised that MS would allow a release of software that is based on the Java platform before their own Windows Mobile platform. Guess it’s all about the money. :)

  • hyedipin

    Well, they already have Microsoft Live on WM platform, which is doing just great. I was just hoping they would release Microsoft Live Search application for Blackberry, but instead they went with this, but still I don’t understand why they would make it compatible with 8100 and not with 8300, unless the author made a mistake with compatibility list above.

  • Nikoluas

    I agree with the other comments. Why not support a phone like the 8320. GoogleMaps MyLocation shows me where I am without GPS. Actually all GPS apps should have that code too, since too often I’ve seen friends with an 88xx BlackBerry unable to get GPS while in their cars.

  • JT

    WTF, so you’re saying this program isn’t going to work for the BB Curve that’s hitting Verizon shortly?

  • hyedipin

    JT, With the way verizon locks their devices, I would be surprised if it did!

  • chris

    I just downloaded this and its AWESOME. Much better interface and ease of use than the berry411 program.

  • DS

    On my Verizon blackberry 8830, tellme is unable to access GPS. Not surprising, as Verizon has disabled 3rd party software access to the internal GPS of the device.
    Very annoying- should be a lawsuit about Verizon playing these games.

  • Confused

    it says it supports the 8100… but it doesnt work with it!


  • chris

    A follow up to my previous post. Tellme is awesome! Only when it works. Which seems to be very, very infrequently. It almost always cannot access GPS, which means you have to type in a zip or city and then get results based solely on that. I deleted and reinstalled the program, same results. I would guess it works about once every six or seven tries. Anyone else using it and having similar problems?

  • hyedipin

    Forget this… Microsoft Live Search is now available in DOWNLOAD format for Blackberry!! Go get that!

  • Scott Emery

    You could also text your zipcode to MYSBUX to find the nearest location, directions, map, and a number.

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