Michelle Obama Negotiating to Keep Her BlackBerry Too

Michelle ObamaPresident Obama isn’t the only Obama that has negotiated to keep their BlackBerry while in the White House.  First Lady Michelle Obama is a big time BlackBerry user as well.

“Mrs. Obama does use a blackberry,” press secretary Katie McCormick Lelyveld tells ABC News, “and any emails relating to the carrying out of the official or ceremonial duties of The First Lady would be subject to the Presidential Records Act.”



  1. says

    “the Presidential Records Act.” Needs to be changed. This whole Keep / give up a BB for the POTUS and the POTUS’s wife is silly. I sure would want my CEO to have all the tools he needs to do the best job he can. Having a POTUS in constant communication, using methods he is comfortable in, other than making sure those methods are secure this is a silly issue. HOWEVER if RIM was smart they would be riding the BB press wave for all it’s worth, and working with the authority’s to make BB’s up to their security expectations.

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