Memory4Kidz: Is This The First BlackBerry PlayBook Game Listed In BlackBerry AppWorld?

With Research in Motion giving away a BlackBerry PlayBook to every developer that gets a PlayBook application accepted into BlackBerry App World, we knew that there would be no shortage of applications once the PlayBook gets released.  What we didn’t know was that RIM would display PlayBook applications so far in advance of it’s release.  That being said, Memory4Kidz may be the first BlackBerry PlayBook game listed in BlackBerry App World.

Memor4Kidyz is a simple memory game that allows children to focus on the basics of colors, numbers and shapes by choosing the appropriate game type. Parents can also sit with their kids and help them learn along the way.

[Via BlackBerry PlayBook Daily]

  • JBascu

    Conclusions: we need better Graphics Designers for Blackberry apps… :/

  • Jason Fincanon

    Hi JBascu. As I’ve let a few others know, I’m sorry to disappoint you with my subpar design skills. I’m a developer so my code skills are a good bit stronger. With that said, I appreciate your opinion and a redesign in in the works as noted at the top of the Memory4Kidz page:

    Thanks for your input. :)