Just How Thick Is The BlackBerry Slider?

So, photos of the BlackBerry Slider have been making their way around the web for 24 hours or so and there a lot of questions being asked about the device.  What OS will the BlackBerry Slider run?  What kind of touchscreen does it have?  Will it be called Storm or Bold?  I’ve got just one question that I am most concerned about.

Just how thick is the BlackBerry Slider?

There is no question that the BlackBerry Slider is going to be thicker than its fixed keyboard and toucscreen only counterparts.  The question is how much thicker will it be?  BBLeaks has some higher quality pics of the BlackBerry slider up and the one you are looking has the slider right next to a BlackBerry Curve 8900.  The Slider, clearly, is thicker than the 8900, however, the angle just doesn’t really allow you to see how much.


  1. bluehorseshoe says

    OS has to be 6.0. As for the thickness, I’d personally be more concerned with regard to the length when this device is open. It’s a full QWERTY keyboard with room to spare at the top. I don’t want a paddle stick in my hand. They should have made it a side sliding keyboard. The Devour design, minus the touch pad placement so the screen can be larger, is a very nice design and top of the line material.

  2. jeff g says

    I hope this is a joke rendition but Im not getting my hopes up. I agree a sideways slider would be best. Id like to see a Pearl form factor with a slider myself. Maybe a shade bigger than the Pearl. Hey who knows whats next?

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