It Looks Like The BlackBerry PlayBook Is Coming To Verizon

When we heard that RIM was working on an LTE version of the BlackBerry PlayBook we figured that the device would eventually show up on Verizon.  It looks, however, that the PlayBook heading to Verizon may be a lot closer than we initially thought.  Verizon actually has a registration page for a BlackBerry PlayBook beta program (registration is closed) where you can see FAQs, Terms & Conditions, and a Confidentiality Agreement.

According to the hardware specs the BlackBerry PlayBook that Verizon was testing in its beta program was the Wi-Fi only version.  This would indicate that Verizon could possibly offer the PlayBook at launch.

[Via Skatter Tech]

  • J.Will

    I might actually be interested if this were an LTE version of the PlayBook.